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  • Chuck Glenn

    Where can I get involved in or learn about your efforts to create a new online University? I’ve done about 50% of my BS in Computer Science online (through UMUC), and I’m currently 1 out of 6 semesters through my MS in Applied Computer Science (University of West Georgia, 100% online). I’m also taking some Coursera courses just to refresh (and hopefully exceed) what I have forgotten during the 36 years since High School. I’m interested in continuing to learn, in helping others to do so, and in convincing others of the importance of doing so. Thanks!

    Sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot. I couldn’t find any information about this effort elsewhere on the site.

  • Cash1969

    I take exception to your view of “Liberal vs Conservative”. As an American, I think you are in error considering Liberals to be about openness and Conservatives about order. You make the argument that Liberals or Leftists in the extreme are about anarchy and Conservatives or Rightists in the extreme being about tyranny. Here in the US, Leftists are about tyranny and Rightists are about liberty. I think a good way to look at it is that Liberals have become Progressive deconstructionists of our system and Conservatives have become those seeking to conserve classical liberal values. Those on the Right in the US are not about any sort of tyranny (the most government possible), In fact, they are for individual liberty (the least government possible). In every other country, they have a system based on tyranny in various degrees. An illustration would be a vertical railroad track with tyranny at the top. The left rail is Socialism, the right rail is Fascism. The US illustration would be a horizontal line with tyranny on the extreme left and anarchy on the extreme right. The US was founding specifically to reject “top down” government thus has no history of monarchy as other nations do. We are citizens not subjects. This is American Exceptionalism; exceptional in that it is different than any other form of governance. While you seek a centrist position, somewhere between Socialism and Fascism, here centrists are simply neither here nor there. In my opinion, on matters of grave moral importance there is no centrist position; no gray area. Examples would be Capital punishment, abortion, war, free speech, the right to bear arms, private property etc.

    Keep up the good work regarding free speech. I wish you luck but in the Canadian system, such as it is, you lack the Constitutional mandate we enjoy in America. If they do manage to destroy your career, I strongly recommend you seek citizenship in the USA. We can use a guy like you!

  • NuttyCatLady

    Dr. Peterson, you are a breath of fresh air and I love your message. It is encouraging my children to buck up and do something with their lives.

    This was just posted at the Daily Wire and might interest you:


  • theBuckWheat

    In the research project you announced about political orientation, please consider the factor that 20% of females aged 15-44 are on hormonal contraception and in essence their brains are always in pregnant mode. You had said several time recently that female SJWs seem to be acting like mothers protecting their infants. I wonder if there is any correlation between HC and being a SJW. In essence, has the Pill also swung our society more towards the left than it otherwise might have gone?

  • joshuajohns

    Hello Dr. Peterson,
    I was wondering what you thought of the Pragmatic school of thought, i.e. Dewey, James, Rorty,etc. I’ve been reading them for some time now and find some similarity between yourself and them.
    Love your book and the self authoring suite, and your recent turn in the media. Keep on fighting the good fight.
    Xim Xyrs Xe
    Ha! I kid

  • Keith Robertson

    In one of your lectures you said religion decreased in the face of the rising tide of science. Bang on! I strongly suggest you read ‘Understanding the Present-Science and the Soul of Modern Man’ by Bryan Appleyard who is also a writer with The Times and The Sunday Times.

  • Philippe Gagnon

    Just a word to tell you how highly impressive I found your ottawa talk of March 12. I am Canadian, but now teaching in France, since my own country has refused me an academic career in reason of the bullshit that you take head on in this talk.

  • Paul Drake

    Dr. Peterson,
    Hello. my name is Paul and I am a Post Grad Archaeologist/Ancient Historian and a lover of social science at Macquarie Uni in Australia. I am of course therefore a huge fan of Socrates/Plato and wanted to pose a question to you. However, firstly I must add that most (vast majority) of my friends would consider me as a far/alt right winger, though my girlfriend considers me a ‘leftie’ mostly due to my views on climate change. I see Sam Harris, is trying to re-create a new centre of politics (as are a few politicians in Australia), and though I applaud his ideals, however, I would suspect his ideal is doomed. I mentioned Socrates because (at least as portrayed by Plato) he wouldn’t have cared less about anything but right or wrong regarding each issue. I know its no easy matter, but should we be trying to get away from the simplistic left/right scale…which I will take the liberty to assume you might agree, and how can we change it to an issue based dichotomy rather than an ideological one?

  • Paul Stuckless

    Hello Dr. Peterson
    Love your work and do absolutely share your views and concerns about our present PC climate. What an utter waste of time and resources. I was wondering about the pronoun problem and a chilling realization dawned on me as a possible solution. No he no she… comrade… that’s just scary.

  • Daunell Lapointe

    Dr. Peterson,
    Just wanted to say Thank you for all you are doing to save Free Speech in Canada!

  • Brad Wicks

    I haven’t been a proud Canadian for a while… I know the struggle of being a student in Canada these days… Educated and unable to find work with large amounts of debt… I paid thousands upon thousands of dollars to go to a post secondary institution with hopes of being given the tools to perform in society, and build a life for myself.

    In my time in BC, learning at my local University (VIU), I discovered that this institution decided feminist jargon about men’s contributions to rape culture and stagnation of women’s collective progress should be taught in my psychology classes, that gay couples are scientifically proven to be unable to commit domestic abuse in the English lectures I attended, and that Aboriginal supremacy is taught intermittently throughout my Marketing courses… This is just the courses I took… Never mind the ever-growing departments like “aboriginal studies” where you could learn about how aboriginals have more rights in society and somehow simultaneously also twist the context as to state that they are still oppressed figures in that same society; Or “women’s studies” where you can take courses like “history” but without men…

    Events occurred sporadically about trans-gender issues including destruction of property; removing bathroom door signs, caused by a healthy number of students who figured theft of school property was an appropriate means to say “no” to gendered washrooms, and more events of a similar ilk.

    As a white man, I was unable to apply to roughly half of the
    scholarships that would normally be available to me (scholarships for general students, or those enrolled in my field of study) because they said
    “women only” or “aboriginals only”, and sometimes even “Aboriginal Women

    During my graduation, I was made to bow and give my thanks to the natives of Vancouver Island for “using their land” while I sat in the back of the theatre, where I was awaiting my plaque to be handed to me. Guest speakers flooded the main stage to state that “the women graduating this year deserve more applause than the men because during their time at University they had to face the oppresion men have bestown onto them”… I was disgraced in front of a crowd of people for my theft of native land, and my misogyny, just because of my race and sex… An ironic twist on the behalf of the people who claim to fight for injustice against sexism and racism…

    I decided to give my story, but what I really only came here to say is:

    Thank you for looking out for the rights of 100% of people, not just pandering to the whims of 0.03%.

    I respect you.

  • Bruce Hitchcock

    Hello Dr Peterson,

    Just wanted to let you know that your ideas are spreading. I’m in New Zealand and am following your lectures on maps of meaning from last year. I have a few Facebook freinds who are also interested in your ideas.
    Although I have lost one freind who thinks that I am or am becoming a bigot I would like to thank you for standing up for truth in this ‘post-truth’ world.
    I’m sorry I can’t financially support your work but the least I can do is thank you for continuing my education.
    So thanks a lot!

    Best wishes,

    Bruce Hitchcock

  • Maureen Murphy

    Greetings Dr. Peterson, I’ve just watched Your New Year’s Letter to the World. Wow. Talk about telling the truth. I want to thank you for your abundant courage in speaking your truth and revealing to the world your heartache and struggle. Puts me in mind of another public figure who died on a cross 2000 years ago to proclaim the truth. I was happy to hear that you are a Christian as I am one too. My spirit sank on some level as I watched your moments of great pain during your video. I felt in those moments that you were talking to yourself and describing your struggle as you explained what leads to chaos in the individual and in the world. I think it may be beneficial for you to remember Jesus’ struggle when you are plunged into chaos and to derive Hope from your Christian values. Although it appears as if the world is in chaos and sinking further because it is there is still hope. By sacrificing Himself Jesus DEFEATED once and for all chaos, death, and evil. Though those bad things still run rampant in this world; they have lost their ultimate power. Remember that. But it’s necessary, every morning, for individuals to pray/talk/converse meaningfully with God. That is so important because Jesus who sacrificed his life is a gentle and humble, all powerful and loving God who knocks gently on the doors of our hearts and mind every single morning. If we don’t respond with communication, then we are on our own at our own peril. That is because Satan and all his evil minions are door crashers, uninvited jabberwockies who will bust into our minds uninvited and wreak havoc seeking to destroy our Spirit. Please don’t let the burdens of this world trouble you to the point of illness. Trust in Jesus and if you do tell Him so. Out loud, then see what happens. Peace to you and your loved ones (even if they don’t always love you back :). And God bless you Dr. Peterson!

  • Dear Dr. Peterson,

    As a person who was reared by an Evangelical Christian mother in the 1950’s, I tossed overboard my Faith as soon as I left home for college in 1967. I have struggled with the “conflict” between the scientific worldview and the religious ever since. By nature a skeptic and empiricist, I suppose the closest philosophy to my heart is a form of Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, in large part due to the preeminence of the Individual and her first-hand revulsion at socialism.

    I discovered your lecture on Science and Religion by way of your interview with Joe Rogan on YouTube. When I heard you say, “I have thought a lot about this subject (Science/Religion) for 40 years, and for 20 years about little else”, I knew I had finally found a truly rational, intelligent, and well-read thinker who was personally obsessed by the same questions as I. You are the first scholar I have heard explain in plain English the validity of the hero archetype in Western thought and the foundational truth found in religious principles, predating modern science by millennia.

    I watched your “Letter to the World” on YouTube yesterday, and I am very concerned about your obvious exhaustion. In an amazingly short period of time, I have become deeply interested in your life and work. Please take a well-earned respite!

    Thanks so much for all the videos and podcasts. Peace be unto you and all whom you love and cherish. Happy New Year. SD

  • Dolly Llama

    I’m not a social media person but we share a deep concern: sanity vs fascistoid “liberalism”. Check out “the Zen Itch” which reflects some of my concerns.
    I think you stance on sanity, your intelligence, and your passion are . . quite quite . . and that coming from me means more than you might know.
    Talk to me

    Wolfgang Nebmaier


    It is so sad to see the effectivenes with which the moral relativists are turning Canada into what I run away from as a political refugee: a communist Poland where the free speech was surpressed approximately to the same degree as it is in now Canada and the West. Just the content of what constitute the breach is different, not the intensity of prosecution of the dissidents.

  • Slumlord TSP

    I must admit that it was interesting to find your videos. Thank God for the the internet. Many of us are quite alone in our positions and its always comforting to see others with the same beliefs. It shores up our will to fight against the “machine”. It’s funny, but mainly through accident, I have read many books on your reading list. And yes, though many don’t see it, we’re in the midst of a profound spiritual battle.

    I hope I’m not being rude but I would like to recommend a couple of books to you which are in keeping with your booklist.

    Diary of a Man in Despair, by Freidrich Reck-Malleczewen. People miss the significance of this book, seeing it as a diatriabe against Hitler, where its deeper significance lays in recognising the moral rot that had set in, in German society, at the time.

    Sebastian Haffner’s, Defying Hitler. Once again, Haffner shows how individual moral failure allowed the rise of totalitarian evil. I must admit when I heard about your refusal bend to the use of genderless pronouns, I was struck by the similarities between yourself and the members of the “Prussian, Kammergericht” at the time of Frederick the Great. Have a read of the book. You’ll understand.

    Whittaker Chambers, Cold Friday. Once again, unlike many, you’ll “get it”.

    From an academic aspect, I really recommend the work of Roger Griffin. Especially his books Fascism and Modernism, and, A Fascist Century. Griffin recognises that Fascism is a competing alternative to Communism, in that both are Modernist heresies. He’s good in that he understands that the appeal of ideologies frequently rests on their psychological, rather than “logical” qualities.

    Finally, I understand that you’re working at the Uni of T. I understand that Keith Stanovich works their as well and I think that your work and his “overlap”. His work on the problems of intelligence and rationality, specifically his concept of the “cognitive miser” maps well onto your work of ideological formation. i.e. Cognitive misers have dispositional weakness to certain totalitarian ideologies given the nature of their thought.

    I hope we meet one day.

    God Bless.

  • Henry

    Dr. Peterson,

    Thank you for all you are doing. Perhaps it is obvious to you how welcome your voice and logic are now, in the midst of so much that is threatening to our natural thought and freedom.

    I wish to suggest that what we are seeing has been carefully planned and is being imposed externally. That view offers a context for your excellent philosophical lectures and your other work to make logical and social sense of what we are facing philosophically, socially, and morally, and to help people hold the line themselves against the threat to thought itself, including (but far from limited) the totalitarian language enforcement, universities’ removal of academic freedom around specific topics, and government’s removal of freedom of speech.

    This context does not in any way negate what you are doing to try to hold the line for sane thought and human freedom to think, but instead treats the tightening noose of control we are experiencing around language (and much else), as created intentionally and imposed on us politically as 1. one of the most extreme forms of divide and conquer and 2. one of the most deep forms of dissolution of society (around male/female relationships and family itself.)

    Those behind this thought control become more clear when the specific topics to be avoided are looked at.

    1. Asking questions (previously seen a characteristic of Jews) about the Holocaust would, according to a new US law, define me as antisemitic though I’m Jewish and though antisemitic itself is not defined in the law. It would also do the same to anyone supporting a boycott of Israel for its genocide of Palestinians.

    2. A form of thought control or Doubt or Built-in debunking, was actually invented in 1969 by the US government to shut down questioning of JFK’s demise, through the term “conspiracy theory.”

    3. Work investigating pedophile groups in DC and possible satanic ritual abuse of children exposed by leaked emails of US
    government officials (with wikileaks having a perfect 10 year history
    of never posting anything “fake” and 3 wikileaks people dead since
    emails implicating the woman running for president began surfacing and
    the head of wikileaks now missing) are being scrubbed from the

    4. And little analyzed is what the pope recently said about such “scandals” – that the media should not spread “ugly” things, “even though they may be true” http://americagunban.com/tag/pizza-gate/ because thinking about such things is like “coprophilia” and coprophagia (an obsession with feces that gives rise to sexual arousal, and eating feces). So, the media shouldn’t spread “ugly” things and no one should think about them because spreading them (even if true) or the public thinking about them is a SIN. Here he has reduced freedom of thought to a religious sin. And given that he represents an organization that considers sin something one literally will burn in hell for eternally, what he said is not just fascist in terms of telling media to stop publishing investigations into possible heinous crimes against children, but stunning in terms of a melding of fear of the body and bodily functions and fear of thought in a way very similar to the Catholic church’s defining masturbation as a mortal sin – one reason given is that looking at a woman and later masturbating, is rape. The difference is that pope is not telling individual journalists that if they masturbate they will go to hell but is telling media that their essential function in a free society – to expose wrong-doing – is a sin for which they can burn in hell.

    5. The pope’s speech is relevant to ze and zer which are also about imposing almost impossible “mind orders” (and with penalties for not following them) on society that crush free thought. it is also relevant to homosexuality in the Catholic Church and its power internationally, not just publicly but through powerful secret societies that influence (control?) governments, universities, media, police, etc.

    Dr. Peterson, perhaps you could do a lecture on the philosophical and
    psychological implications of the Inquisition which was mind control – only think the way we wish or being tortured to death – (its office
    still exists, it was never ended) and on what the protestant reformation was about
    philosophically or even psychologically. Perhaps you could do a lecture on the Jesuits are (this
    pope is Jesuit) and the import of their “extreme oath”
    http://www.reformation.org/jesuit-oath.html. How much of what is ordered in the extreme oath is visible in what is occurring today,
    whether around wars; around attacking thought itself; around dissolution of society, of the family, of relationships, of sexuality; around false politicians; around false media (with
    the real media being those whistle-blowing but being shut down as power
    structures define the truth as “fake news” or even a sin); around the nightmare of what has been done for centuries and is still being done to children.

    The context, though, is even larger than this insertion of erosive or explosive issues for political reasons, but to understand that larger context, people would have to be open to much they may never have considered and may not be willing to consider another view of who we are, even if the potential answer to that could be a remarkable and positive response to philosophical questions, and would end nihilism for good.

    Simon Parkes’ lectures and interviews give that gigantic context. Whether it is real is for people to think about or even discuss and to decide for themselves. Here is Mr. Parkes in a conversation with Americans in Washington State and with references to the pope, and what is happening to our world and our ability to affect things. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjLKjn2AVwY

  • Nina McDonald

    Thank you for your courage. Keep up the good fight.

  • William Shep

    Hi, I just reviewed your appearance on Joe Rogan. I found it enjoyable and informative.

    Concerning the use of pronouns reminds me of my time in the Canadian Armed Forces; in particular was the mandatory paying of compliments to a person of higher rank. It was stressed that junior members (especially) had to address senior members by their rank and even legislated in the national defence act and supporting documents. While I am sure that most non-commissioned officers enforced this rule (and similar rules) as part of an overall strategy to maintain the discipline necessary to administer a military organization; I think that there were some adverse effects that took place within the military and that these adverse effects would be amplified when a similar program (such as proper pronoun enforcement legislation) were placed on a non militarized population. The adverse effects include harassment and degradation. Recent news reports about sexual assault and harassment in the CAF highlight the real problem. Civilian side, I see even bigger concerns. How can a person clearly identify themselves as a person of atypical gender expression. Does everyone wear name tags with gender label on them at all times. What processes are in place to ensure fair implementation? Are there investigations and if so- who investigates? How does one defend against complaints or appeal decisions? These questions are answered in the military, but do not apply in a civilian environment. Given the lack of structure in our society, these rules seem to be impossible to systematically and fairly enforce and will likely produce undesirable results such as ruined careers, arbitrary fines and stunted dissemination of ideas.

  • Tom More

    Thanks so very much Professor. I’m a big fan of Aristotelian based ethics.. formal and final causes.. or sanity as I like to call it and it is so very refreshing to see a man stand up against the tired and stupid destructive anarchist aresponsible marxist and postmodern effluence that damages the heart and soul of the west. It still astonishes that anyone can actually buy this arrested development. You are a man of honour sir and I greatly admire you. May we all emulate your fine example.

  • Joanne

    Professor, I am looking for more information on the quasi judicial committees being established on University Campuses that you spoke about in your Radio Canada International interview recently. I found this quite disturbing. I am trying to find more information. Could you please direct me to a source? Thank you for all you are doing.


  • I’d like to express my appreciation of your stand against the waves of the vandals and barbarians that have through out history have only made the world poorer and more savage.
    I am old and quit school after Grade 12, so I fight the way all citizens through out history have fought against foreign occupiers, I talk to my children and grandchildren. They will live longer than these animals and topple their statutes.
    By the way, i don’t have a URL, so I’m trying to make something up to fill in that blank.

  • Dan Mackie

    Hello Jordan,
    You are to be commended for your opposition to “political correctness” in different spheres. A friend who owns a Creation Science Museum sent me a link to your discussion with Ronald de Sousa, and after that, I checked a few more of your videos. I like that fact that you pause to think before you speak. I was once roundly criticized by a chap – he did not like what I had said, and said “and you think about what you are going to say, before you say it!” I took that as a compliment. So “good on ya” for that, sir! Welcome to the club!
    Your opposition to the concept that CEOs should reflect the colour (or any other irrelevant attribute) of the population at large is well put. The issues of disciplined thought, sacrifice, and hard work are crucial to significant progress, and being dealt a good hand in the game is also quite helpful – but they are obviously irrelevant to the cheerleaders of nonsense.
    When you made the point about “they are coming for you next”, I thought of Martin Niemoller’s comment about there being no one left to complain when they finally came for him. Certainly we cannot hide, and let others be harassed while we are silent.
    It seems we have swapped provinces – I was born in the bush of north-western Ontario, and moved to Calgary in 1969 to go to university, and stayed in Alberta. My parents were both from Alberta. I have never been in Fairview, but have driven close by multiple times on my way to do field automation work in Rainbow Lake, some years ago.
    Perhaps we will be close enough some time to share a chat over a Tim Horton’s iced cap. Until then, may God guide you, and keep you in the palm of His hand!
    Dan R. Mackie

    Incidentally, I tried to fill in our company website, but your website code refused it. http://www.DrSCADA.com is valid.

  • Patricia Lawrence

    Hello Dr Peterson,

    I am experiencing a similar situation at The British Columbia Institute of Technology, where I teach communications. Having voiced my opinion on the idiocy of using “they” for the singular, my job is in jeopardy. Unlike yourself, I am a contract instructor, so do not have the protection of tenure, although, after seeing what U of T is doing to you, I no long believe tenure would offer much protection. I have even been told by the president of the faculty association, our bargaining unit, that should I not be hired next semester, the association would not support my grievance. The president of the association places herself somewhere along the spectrum of LGBTQ.

    My colleagues all have jumped on this pronoun bandwagon. Not one of them had the guts to support my views at our last department meeting.

    What you are doing takes great courage, and I just wanted to let you know you have my utmost respect.

    • Tom More

      Good for you Patricia. You’ve decided to go through life as a human being. Who ever thought that we were so close to the gulag the good professor speaks of.

  • Dr. Peterson,

    I think “they” and “them” are reasonable pronouns, but I do not believe the made up pronouns are reasonable. The reason I say this is that it is possible for a person to have more than two chromosomes, thus the person’s biological identity would be legitimately different from the norm. Also, it is possible for a person to have deformities in the phenotypical expression of sex characteristics. But I have not heard your position on “they” and “them” as possible options. But we should absolutely stop at “they” and “them.” What is your opinion on this?


    Joel Fry

  • Jan

    I feel I need to add this to my previous email:

    In spite of my expressed hopes that you stay entirely within reason and make no explanatory references to faith-based morality, my heart is with you, and would still be with you even if it turned out that your entire motivation is based on your religious beliefs (which I don’t think it is). This is because I find the truths you have found yourself to be fighting for are universal and consistent with our secular culture of reason or rationality (nothing to do with materialism!). Your fight is for OUR truths, and I see it as being good-spirited, and commandable.

    We have to re-place the pandits of cultural relativism and their hard-core SWJ enforcement brigades with the guardians of freedoms of free speech as it is guarranteed to us in the core of our Western systems which includes free an open discourse, particularly at universities. Succumbing to the intimidation would be an act of self-defeatism because it deprives us of criticism which is necessary error-corrective mechanism in the progress which has been working quite well so far. Fortunately, people like you can not stomach to be silenced. I happen to be of a similar type. I am not sitting idle but instead I am slowly building up the trenches here on the Western Front. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

    Vancouver, BC

    • Tom More

      Sound religious principles just provide an explanation for and metaphysical ground for sound natural law principles. And it doesn’t take faith. . as Aristotle’s proofs for the existence of God show. Pretty hard to get right or wrong without moral purpose.. Aquinas called them.. final causes. I learned the proof for the existence of God at U of T actually.

  • Jan

    Dr. Peterson, Thank you for your stand, please continue to infect us with truth and rationality. You are wrong, though, in mixing (your) religion with it, which is surprising as the main force behind the SJW’s atacks is a belief or ideology which is a form of religion i.e. betrayal of reason. Note that your response to the SJW’s is rational. REASON is the answer here, not another belief as only a reason, not a belief, mobilizes rational public and also works in courts.

    • Tom More

      Your point is really ironic. A religious motive .. conscious or automatic .. is the only fully coherent basis for action. Indeed philosophers refer to God as pure act. At the core of existence is consciousness.. which is why this emerged in nature.

  • Keith McGrath

    Bravo, Professor. We to your south in the U.S., salute your bravery in the face of the utter lunatics who have embraced Orwell’s 1984 as a guide for life. If you ever decide to move to the U.S., you will be welcomed! I may be well to the Right (Libertarian) of you but you have my full respect and appreciation!

  • Graham Elliott

    Dr Peterson, Keep Calm and Carry On Sir !

  • Jose L E Monti, PhD on Biophysics, University of Buenos Aires

    Dear Professor J. B. Peterson,
    I want to express my full support to you. I am a teaching assistant at the University of Buenos Aires, School of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, and I found your courses at the University of Toronto (that is how I came to know you) fundamental for life in a healthy society.
    I couldn´t believe my eyes when I saw that you were being demanded for denying to use the invented pronoun “zhe”. The situation has been pointed out crystal-clear by you: it is an attempt to cut-off your right to speak…I have to correct myself, it is everybody’s right to speak. And this is just because a group of people with a lot of power, decided to force everybody to refer to them as “zhe”. And, paradoxically, they do it by claiming Human Rights!!!!.
    I would like to ask them why they didn’t choose to be called “your majesty”, it would be more fancy…or “stupid tyrant”, it would be closer to the truth.
    Well then, dear Professor I send you a big hug from Argentina and I take the opportunity to thank you for uploading your courses on you tube.
    Best regards!

  • Akane BG

    Dear Dr. Peterson,

    Thank you. If it were not for your videos/lectures, I would not be the person that I am today.
    Thank you for your current efforts. Thank you for revealing the truth.

    Wish you all the best, and please take care. You have my family’s support.

  • Professor Peterson, We live in Northern Ireland and are Evangelical Christians. We have to say that we are not surprised at the behaviour of the PC lobby at your University as this is their modus operandi. Canada seems to be in the grip of a collective madness due in the main to its embracing of the PC agenda. We reject outright the hilarious made up pronouns such as “ze” and “per” which you rightly refuse to use but we are confused at your willingness to address a man dressed up as a woman as “she” (Theryn Meyer) which you said you would do during your debate on gender pronouns with Meyer and with other equally disturbed and disturbing individuals such as Nicholas Matte and Mary Rogan. By addressing a man dressed like a woman as “she” you have already capitulated to the PC agenda and greatly undermine your stand against the use of made-up words like “ze” and “per.” We have heard of a woman who thinks she is a cat and attempts to dress and behave accordingly, and men who think they are parrots or dogs and attempt to dress and behave accordingly. Now you would probably not call “catwoman” “kitty kitty” and you would probably not refer to “parrot-man” as “birdy-birdy” so why would you refer to a man as “she?” It is all madness. Why do you not reject it all?

    • Nancy Robertson

      I think you have to pick your battles carefully. Calling a he “she” seems far less preposterous and disruptive to the average person in 2016 than introducing a dozen new pronouns and genders into the English language. In other words, don’t tilt at windmills. Fight strategically by attacking the biggest problems where you have the highest likelihood of succeeding.

  • Travis Taylor

    So glad to have discovered you! Thank you for all the work you’re doing, and in particular the current efforts to protect free speech. I’ve been absorbed in your videos over the last week or so, and when I think about this free speech battle you’ve embarked upon I keep getting this image of Atlas setting down his load in order to pick up a bigger one. Is there anyway I could upload the PC Pokemon symbol as my FB profile pic? Thanks!

  • Sarah R

    I dislike terms such as politically correct, social justice warrior, left, right, socialist, etc. because they are often one of the first things utilized in an argument often by people who don’t know what they mean and don’t have an intelligent response to an argument. They are generally used in a negative way and that is all that is perceived by most. It would be nice if an argument could be made without throwing these negatively used terms around, which for the most part just shut down what could be an interesting conversation and an opportunity to understand someone else’s viewpoint, and possibly a learning opportunity for those involved.
    This is what takes place outside of academia. If your audience is outside of academia, the use of such terms will not foster a discussion but will shut it down quite effectively. It is important to be clear and concise in what you are trying to get across to the general public, if you want to foster a discussion amongst them, instead of further polarizing them.

    • Jennifer Eady

      I dislike being told what words to use. I dislike having to memorize an entire new language to appease a small fraction of people who have decided to speak for an entire community. I dislike being forced to speak these new words, that make no sense really, by law and with serious consequence if I do not obey.
      Dr Peterson is using his own words and language to describe and express his views rather well in my opinion. He leaves no doubt whatsoever to what his position is, and his reasoning behind it. He is clear and concise, even if it hurts feelings. The only shutting down of conversation I see going on is when Dr Peterson tries to speak publicly (to foster said discussion) and has noise machines blaring in his face and his opponents attacking others. The youtube videos are VERY clear, no matter what lies his opponents have tried to tell.

      I kept an open mind when this whole business started. Then I watched the youtube videos and heard the lies being told by the trans activists and my mind was made up. I stand behind Dr Peterson 100%.

      Have you read 1984? Animal Farm? A Brave New World? If not, please read. If you have already, please read again and spend a quiet afternoon in contemplation. Totalitarianism is real and it can be paved with good intentions.

      • Nancy Robertson

        Jennifer, can you believe the colossal gall of suggesting that people who are working to preserve free speech ban certain words from their vocabulary so they can have an “interesting conversation.” Tomorrow, our helpful new friend will be gifting us with scissors and duck tape so we can gag ourselves.

        • Jennifer Eady

          Appalling on all fronts Nancy Robertson. I’m terrified for my 4 year old son.

          • Nancy Robertson

            Yes, Jennifer, the situation could be so much worse for the next generation. Considering what has transpired in the past year or two, can you imagine what things will be like in twenty or thirty years?

    • Nancy Robertson

      On a website devoted to preserving free speech, a proposal has just been made to ban all the most useful words so we can have an “interesting conversation.” The question is did we just have tea with the Mad Hatter, or was it the Marx Brothers?

      • Jennifer Eady

        ‘Interesting conversation’….doublespeak for controlled conversation. hahaha

        • Nancy Robertson

          Jennifer, notice the writing style — a laughter inducing sludge of pseudo-academic verbosity. Thank you, Sarah R., for proving Dr. Peterson right — the language police have low verbal cognitive ability.

          • Sarah R

            Nancy Robertson, show me where anything was said about banning those words. Is English your second language or are you just a failure at reading comprehension?

          • Nancy Robertson

            Greetings, Sarah R. There’s nothing wrong with my reading comprehension, and my native language is Brooklynese.:)

            When I read your original comment, I had to reread it three times because I couldn’t believe I was reading it on a website devoted to defending free speech. Do you honestly expect Dr. Peterson to strike the most useful words from his vocabulary because you don’t like them? This is exactly the kind of proposal Dr. Peterson is working against,

            Whenever you ask an individual not to use the most relevant words in a public discussion, you are promoting censorship. It doesn’t matter how gently you phrase your request. It doesn’t matter whether you think you’re you’re offering helpful, friendly advice. You are still promoting censorship. And to make matters worse, you are promoting censorship on a website devoted to its polar opposites: free speech and academic freedom.

          • Jennifer Eady

            Nancy Robertson, your last paragraph…..could not have expressed my own view any clearer. Hats off to you.

    • Brandy

      Sarah R has just stated something, perhaps though her intentions were well meant, that reminds us all that the world, which in all its huge complexity has been described by Dr. Peterson in his lectures, is a reality full of suffering, painful and socially difficult things. We make our way most successfully through our lives in this world by becoming stronger and more resilient, and we can only do that by looking head on at the difficult parts of life. Sarah’s comment demonstrates the current attitude that things should be made easier, more politically palpable, and ‘safer’ through the engineering of words to filter truth. But you can’t filter truth to make it less difficult for people, or it loses its essence. And a willingness to sacrifice truth to shield oneself from fear is the ultimate in both self deception and understanding. She also highlights and this needs to be continuously pointed out in these situations, that she feels these words she dislikes should not be used as they have a negative value in public perception, yet the SJWs and their supporters have no compunction at all in using the most vile, derogatory and indeed, bigoted terminology to attack those opposed to their viewpoint. They feel they can say anything they like with impunity, being safely ensconced in their protective cushion of being in the minority who are fighting against mainstream society. Yet the least word used to describe their actions they don’t approve of, causes them to have complete fits and hurl the ubiquitious “racist/bigot/sexist/ableist/cis” labels in an attempt to shut down any further discussion.

      And finally, Sarah betrays a type of current pervasive elitism by suggesting that mainstream society is often not able to argue a point intelligently as they are outside academia and she makes the false assumption that many people don’t understand what they are talking about and have no intelligent argument to rebut with. She forgets that most of professional mainstream society has already been through academia and come out the other end to begin professional careers, and are fully capable of countering any argument both intelligently and reasonably. Remember, in the recent U of T debate debacle on Bill C16 that Dr. Peterson participated in, his arguments were all backed by scientific data, named studies, and logic, while his opponent Mary Bryson was unable to articulate anything but feelings, opinions, not cited data, and she spent a good deal of time in direct and indirect threats and insults, it was no debate at all on her part. If Sarah were to examine that debate objectively it would become apparent to her that the ‘interesting conversation’ staged there was indeed a learning opportunity, but mainly on the side of Dr. Peterson’s arguments which were the only ones that held substance.

    • Jack Spratt

      If social justice and its warriors suffer from a bad reputation. it is because they have earned that reputation through their bad behavior. Moreover, it is not Dr. Peterson who is not “fostering discussion”. It is the cry-bullies who are inhibiting speech and dialogue. You’re accusations are misplaced and your assumptions misguided.

  • Dear Dr. Peterson:

    I’m just a regular guy who is appalled at the treatment meted out to you at the hands of your university’s administration.

    It is one thing to have students (or even faculty colleagues) be critical of your views, and indeed this is a healthy demonstration of free speech. But it is quite another when a university administration attempts to stifle faculty in expressing their own viewpoints.

    As a publicly-funded institution, the University of Toronto has an obligation to support freedom of expression in general and academic freedom in particular. That it is trampling on your right to valid intellectual opinion borders on criminality.

    There is much talk these days of “microaggression” and “safe spaces.” Sadly, there is no such refuge for those that speak with the courage of their convictions.

    I wish you well in your efforts to draw attention to this ideological claptrap and congratulate you for your bravery in laying your career on the line.

    Ron Farrell, Ph.D.

  • Jordan lennox

    Dr. Peterson. A heart felt thanks for stepping up and speaking the truth in a clear and logical way.

    I am both a front line police officer in Vancouver as well as a lay theologian. As such, the issue of freedom of speech and freedom of religious expression is at the core of my personal beliefs and rights.

    I have been bringing people around me to a general awareness of the issue you find yourself tangled in.

    I will continue to support you in any way possible. Once again, you have my greatest admiration for the line you have drawn in the sand. It has become somewhat virtuous to stand up for truth these days.

    God bless you and your team of supporters.

    Jordan Lennox

  • A very good day to you Jordan,

    Admittedly, I became aware of your existence due to the recent pronoun kerfuffle. That said, I’m finding your lectures insightful and very enjoyable. Please do keep up the great work on all fronts.

    That said, I’m a retired veteran of the Canadian Army [Signaller/33 years] and have spent some time in the realm of PTSD afflicted soldiers, delving into the works/lectures of Mr Dave Grossman (American) ‘ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dave_Grossman_(author)

    – I’m wondering if you have spent any time considering PTSD; the intellectual, the emotional, the biological, the psychological ?

    I and I’m sure many troops would benefit from your thoughts and insights [in the form of a lecture or two…] into the issue.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Todd Reashore
    Spruce Grove, Alberta.

  • David Demers

    Never stop Dr P… you have more support than not.

  • Nona

    All of us want to support Prof. Peterson in his fight for sanity. What can we do to help?

  • RM Dufour

    Dr Peterson — There is little I could say that has not already been more eloquently stated.

    I’m just “a guy” — and yes, that’s perfectly acceptable a reference — on the West Coast that has been out of the post-secondary millieu for more than two decades. I consider myself well-educated, well-socialized and have great respect for individuals around me however they may choose to identify or how they see themselves. However, it pains me to see so much ‘high-powered’ talent working so tirelessly towards eliminating the freedom of thought and speech that MUST exist both in society and perhaps more importantly, on campuses around the country.

    I congratulate you on your well-reasoned position and even if I did not agree with you, I would support your freedom to say so. Shame on those striving to silence any ideas and discussion with which they do not agree.

  • Jennifer Drummond

    Dear Professor Peterson,
    You are an inspiration to me. So…Ave Professor, we who are about to microaggress salute you!

  • Jennifer Eady

    Dr Peterson, your sheer bravery is unbelievable. You are a very accomplished man who stands to lose everything. I am so pleased to know that someone as accomplished as you has not sold out despite the huge pressure to do so. I stand behind you 100%.

  • Kurt

    Dr. Peterson,

    I commend you on your stance and for holding true to your beliefs, logic, truth, and the basic rights of all humans to engage in free speech. You are not alone. In your interview with Carol Off, you were correct in saying, “I’m afraid that this continual pushing by radical left wingers is going to wake up the beast”. We will not be shut up or shut down. The radical left wing are on a dangerous course that, if left unchecked, will lead to the demise of our free society. Not on my watch.

  • Nancy Robertson

    Hi Dr. Peterson.

    Your newly designed website looks wonderful. You have another strong ally in the fight against political correctness on campus. Today’s Washington Post contains an article,” Campus PC culture is so rampant that NYU is paying to silence me.” written by Michael Rectenwald, a professor at New York University. Incidentally, I was very pleased to see that the Toronto Sun’s Editorial Board recently published an editorial, “We stand with Jordan Peterson,” in support of the important work you’re doing.;

    Nancy Robertson



  • Eliza

    Dear Dr Peterson,

    I just want to send encouragement from a university student from New Zealand. Your fight for free discourse using non-violent, logical reasoning is genuinely inspiring to me. You are truly rebelling against societal norms.

    There is a concerning level of focus placed on regulating the response (lack of offence) rather than on regulation of action.
    You have fantastic clarity of thought around regulation of what we do, while others can only focus on how they respond. People’s subjective responses cannot be the basis for law.

    Thank you for your selflessness in an unselfless place. Keep going.

    Regards with immense admiration,
    – Eliza C

  • Greetings Dr. Peterson,

    Thank you for standing up for freedom of speech.

    I am originally from Romania, a place that still bears the scars of marxist totalitarianism.

    I was only five when my father brought us over, but I remember important conversations never being done in the house or over the phone, I remember singing songs of adulation to our dear leader in pre-school, and I remember my parents talk of fear and the myriads of secret police informants in every town.

    It seems to me that Americans and Canadians and the West are at a crossroads. Many think that Communism or Fascism can’t happen here. To them I tell them that the Gulag and the Concentration Camp was not developed in some ministry or other, but in the halls of learning in the European universities just a generation before.

    Many rose up in my land thinking themselves Ubermen, and they left a terrible trail of devastation and carnage in their wake. Indeed, I tremble for my family when I see the same things happening here that happened in my homeland.

    If our fellow citizens don’t wake up, they will one day find themselves in far too deep to do anything about it.

    I found out about you through SargonofAkkad (the youtuber). There seems to be a community of like minded people (Steven Crowder/Milo Yanopolis/Rebel Media/etc) that is growing on the internet.

    We need to band together at a time like this.


  • Dan

    How can I best support your free speech views?

  • Beth

    Hello Dr. Peterson,
    I just watched your interview with Roaming Millennial on YouTube. I am fully in support of your, “line in the sand”. Thank you so much for being a passionate, and yes, compassionate (much as the SJWs would disagree) voice out there for those who value true freedom.
    You spoke on developing who you really want to be in this life, may I say…you are EXACTLY the type of person that I’ve been envisioning in my heart and mind that I’d want to become. I don’t know that I’ll make it… but I at least know my life will be better for trying.
    Again, huge thanks for doing what you are doing.

    With gratitude,

  • Tatiana

    Mr. Peterson,

    I escaped from a communist country to the United States in the early eighties. Being from a Kafka’s land the absurdity of it all is very familiar to me. My red- blooded american children experienced the same confusion of hearing one thing at school and an other at home as children under communism did. Better yet, they had to be filled in on things they were never told about to understand the world in a proper context. Sir, I applaud you for your courage and I pray for you.


    P.S. That Lenin on your wall. Socialist realism, what a killer!

  • Jason Burgen

    Dr. Peterson,

    Thank you for the work you’re doing!

    You’re on my Xmas card list now, I hope you like fruitcake.

    Is there anything I can do to help going forward?


    Jason Burgen

  • Deacon Parsons

    Dr Peterson. I viewed your interview with Gad Saad and was struck by your comments about religion and the balance between chaos and stability at the very end of the video.

    I have produced a series of videos in which I propose that industrialization eliminated the basic survival and economic forces that caused humans to thrive as a species and produced the gender roles that carried us from prehistory to WWII. To use your phrase, I think you will find this concept to be a killer idea.

    I would be interested in your opinion on the subject. It is four videos for a total of about 70 minutes.

  • Paul

    I have watched you several times now, the most recently on Rebel Media.
    I am a father of 4 teenagers who have all been homeschooled and who I do not encourage to go to any of our secular academic institutes for “higher learning”.
    Firstly because they are not providing much academic learning these days in comparison to promoting all the social issues and secondly because they have become indoctrination centers for leftist/marxist ideology. (or whatever other “spirit of the age” grips them)
    My beliefs are based on Judeo/Christian teachings and as such we probably differ but I just want to encourage you that despite any differences we may have, that on the issue of free speech and political correctness I 100% agree with you.
    I will speak out in my circle of influence and please continue to do so in yours.

    God Bless and our family will be praying for you.

    Paul Bryce

  • Michelle Eve

    Dear Dr. Peterson,
    I echo Kyle’s comment from Oct 31; he captures perfectly what I intended to say. 😉

    Today is a day of many emotions; I am heartbroken for you (and your family) that you anticipate losing your teaching position.
    I am also alarmed to learn today of the new gender diversity lesson plan toolkit for Alberta teachers. (http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/should-drag-shows-be-used-as-a-teaching-tool-in-alberta-schools-1.3830417)
    I looked up this document online (https://www.teachers.ab.ca/SiteCollectionDocuments/ATA/Publications/Research/PD-80-15e%20PRISM.pdf) and it is indeed very troubling… the graphic on page 21 (“Where do you fall on these spectrums?”) is so sad (imagine the confusion in store for some of these poor kids, it seems so reckless). Today I am especially gobsmacked about the increasing pace of these PC intrusions into our lives, sigh. What has happened these last few years?!

    And finally, I am ashamed that I am too timid to speak up in my own circles as you have in your circles. My husband and I support our family of five with a small business in a small town near Banff; going public with our concerns could be financially devastating, especially in this age of boycotts and public shaming. In light of the vitriol directed at you (even though your demeanour toward your debate opponents is consistently measured and respectful), I am too fearful to openly stand alongside you in support of free speech. I am afraid my inaction is part of the problem. But I will continue to monitor the development of this firestorm and, despite my spinelessness, I do care deeply about your well-being.
    Kind regards,

    • Mike Slobogean

      Has anyone here taken a copy of the PRISM program document in its original version? The term “Comrade” has been quietly removed from it and replaced with “Datemate”. I’ve tried to find the original version but all the websites discussing this link to the ATA website which now only shows the new version, created on November 22.

  • Marc

    Thank you Dr. Peterson,

    For fighting the good fight against Authoritarianism and for standing up for free speech. Seeing your strength in the face of dozens of ideological bullies all trying to shout you down is inspiring.

  • Geoff Robinson

    Dear Dr Peterson, I have just watched the piece on freedom of speech on the Agenda programme. Thank you for standing up for freedom against the thought police. I am very concerned at where the world is going when any group, with some sort of axe to grind, can force its views on the population.

    Your stance for individual freedom against control by political groups is wonderful.

  • Jordan
    Just a quick word of support for your stand against the SJ bullies on campus. I taught at Australian Universities for over 2 decades and the same anti-free speech movement is apparent there as well. It is laughable that they think of themselves as social justice warriors (whether transgender or otherwise) when they have no interest in justice.
    Mark Dignam

  • Mark

    Dear Mr. Peterson,

    A personal thanks for helping me with a 45 year addiction

    with tobacco. I came on you from “Feminism Lol.” I enjoyed your

    good manor and energy in the face of the bullies, so watched a

    few more of your video’s and came across the dragon story. Now,

    my sense of doom has a spark of hope for the future.

    Thanks for what you do; fighting the good fight for freedom.

  • Tim Hargreaves (Pastor)

    Hats off to you Jordan! I thought Canada had lost the plot in recent times with all the politically correct garbage that’s coming out of it’s Government Departments.
    I trust there are more like you in what we in the rest of the English speaking world identified as part of the old Red, White & Blue.
    I am an Englishman, ex-British soldier, & have lived in Australia the last 50 years. I Pastor a small church in the extreme West called Shark Bay. (Shark Bay Christian Fellowship & Crisis Centre, Denham, Shark Bay, West Australia. (You may by all means use my name, address & email contact).

    We have had this same insidious stuff trying to get a toehold in Australia for the last X number of years. Hard to pinpoint the actual year because like all what you correctly call the extreme left wing ideologue camp it is was small & by stealth. I think it was when the title M/S was introduced as opposed to Miss or Mrs.So that’s going back a good 20 to 3o years.
    Take courage & keep your powder dry.I don’t know what the statistics are in Canada but in rural Australia I would say about 95% of the populace are dead against all this politically correct claptrap & would applaud your stance.
    Bravo or as we say in Full Gospel circles – Praise the Lord!
    Tim Hargreaves (Tel. 08 99 481 338)

  • Patrick Wagner

    Hi Dr Jordan, I have just watched your chat with Gad Saad in its entirety and wanted to thank you both for some Truth.

  • Kyle

    Dr. Peterson,

    I’m writing this to tell you that I’ve become fascinated with your work, your lectures, and the strength of your principals. There are very few who hold my interest and crystalize their points as well as you do.

    In my eyes, sincerely, you are a teacher for the ages, a defender of good, and an enormous inspiration for me personally. I hope to accomplish what you have in my future. Thank you for being my new hero, and good luck to you in all that you do.

    – Kyle

  • djcdominic

    Hello Jordan. Look forward to the website. If you need any help with anything, let us know.

  • QBaT

    Welcome Sir!

    I fully support you and your point of view. Please do not give up and stand tall 🙂

    Stay safe.

  • Mark Smith

    Hello Professor Peterson,
    I just wanted to say that I am very thankful and appreciative of the very exacting work you are currently doing with free speech and standing up for what is good and sane. My PC Pokemon stickers should arrive any day now and I want you to know I believe in what you are doing and will support you in any way I can.
    You are very courageous and just the right person to spearhead the push back on the very dangerous, destructive, hurtful and groundless PC ideology.