Bill C-16 Discussed in Senate by Hon. Donald Neil Plett

Hon. Donald Neil Plett:

Colleagues, last week Bill C-16, gender identity and gender expression, passed third reading in the other place without a recorded vote. This came on the heels of the Justice Committee refusing to hear from witnesses on this legislation. That’s right, colleagues, no public hearings.

We should be so confident in the legislation that we bring forward, and certainly in the legislation we pass, that we are willing to have it withstand a thorough and rigorous vetting process.

Political correctness authoritarians have narrowed the scope of acceptable thought and discourse in academia and, by extension, the general public. However, we as legislators and public policy-makers should not be afraid of the difficult conversations. In fact, it is outrageous and irresponsible to do so. Legislation that has serious implications on freedom of speech — and, for the first time in Canadian law, compelled speech — cannot be passed so flippantly without thorough public discourse, debate, and consideration.

I want to challenge my colleagues in the Senate Chamber to give this legislation its due diligence. As University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson said recently on this issue, we need to decide that speaking and acting in truth is imperative. Once we decide that we will not engage in manipulation of facts, regardless of the results, if it is based on telling the truth, that is always the best possible outcome.

I challenge my colleagues not to be silenced by the baseless character assassination, not to be silenced by those who want to throw out labels of bigotry and new phobias dreamt up every other week in social science departments in order to silence dissent.

Those who find this legislation to have some merit but are afraid to speak in its favour because they find the topic “difficult,” and those who behind closed doors are vehemently opposed to this legislation but are not willing to speak to it publicly, please, by all means, let your voices be heard.

We are the chamber of sober second thought. We are legislators and policy-makers. It is our duty to look at fact, at science, and at truth. A difficult and controversial topic with profound consequences should not generate less debate; it should generate more debate.

I want to ensure all of the outraged individuals who have emailed and called our office that the Senate will do a better job. When the House of Commons puts its electoral viability ahead of difficult conversations about policy, it has failed. Colleagues, let’s not fall into the same trap. Let’s have the difficult conversations. Let’s do our jobs. We owe it to Canadians.

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  • Le Fox

    I hope, as many of us do, that we will see your work come to fruition, Professor. That this nefarious bill be defeated. But be warned: the sexual and gender identity minority groups aren’t done with you yet – you saw the Daily Xtra article on you. You frighten them. And they don’t like their power challenged.

  • No public hearing? are you kidding me?!? Is this Canada or the People’s Republic of Canuckistan?

  • Tetragrammaton

    “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.”
    ― Benjamin Franklin, Silence Dogood, The Busy-Body, and Early Writings

    “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.”

    [Special Message to the Congress on the Internal Security of the United States, August 8, 1950]”
    ― Harry Truman

    “I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”
    ― James Madison

    “The problem with today’s world is that everyone believes they have the right to express their opinion AND have others listen to it.

    The correct statement of individual rights is that everyone has the right to an opinion, but crucially, that opinion can be roundly ignored and even made fun of, particularly if it is demonstrably nonsense!”
    ― Brian Cox

    “If there’s one American belief I hold above all others, it’s that those who would set themselves up in judgment on matters of what is “right” and what is “best” should be given no rest; that they should have to defend their behavior most stringently. … As a nation, we’ve been through too many fights to preserve our rights of free thought to let them go just because some prude with a highlighter doesn’t approve of them.”

    [Bangor Daily News, Guest Column of March 20, 1992]”
    ― Stephen King

    And there are many more:

    I’m beyond sick and disgusted with the lack of acknowledgement our Governments have for the majority. These fringe groups are getting all the attention; even when it goes against anything close to normal.

  • jonathan staley

    Balance is the shortest path to truth. If we continually keep swinging from left to right over time creating a wave then the amplitude of this wave is going to get bigger each time until we see global death on a scale not before imagined. Catastropism principle. Then the best army gets to write the next history. etc etc all that stuff, unavoidable, maybe we will be complete slaves afterwards the technology exists to do so nowadays. This is the problem with the old left-right paradigm it is completely useless, serves only politicians and bankers and just think about a person you have a female left brain and a male right brain- how can concentrating your outward energy from 1 side bring about necessary balance it can never do that, only a balanced individual can emit balanced energy. this balance eminates out in fractal maths up each stage of the macrocosm. In my new book. LOL (shameless plugging) Lets have order from order starting with the individual then naturally eminating out into society instead of order from chaos with a left-right paradigm fitted over everything supplied from the top down. I forgot the latin for order from chaos but I think it’s printed on the US money as it would be expected to be. Conquer and divide makes people take sides, im not part of that ride. No Im the north-east Ceaser, foot-print leaver bit of a geezer, trust no man but im a believer. Feel better now. Catch-up world for godsake it’s lonely here!

  • jonathan staley

    Slavoj your analysis is spot on but your conclusion that the current model of unbridled capitalism is the only way forward is a little defeatist if you don’t mind me saying so. If we were allowed to build the technology we need and reform the debt-based fractional reserve banking system we could be closer to the egalitarian ideal than ever. Balance is the key and it has to start on an individual basis. This can be achieved through giving a proper philisophical education. I agree that the misguided leftist revolutionarys’ dont realsie that you cannot take a structure down and then try to fill it, the power vacuum creates facism. This is obvious and self evident as weakness always attracts authoritarian principles on any level. The answer is to build balanced people 1st then walk away from the system, ask it for nothing, organize and create technology that far exceeds what the old paradigm owns. key is organisation and putting the right people in the right places. Not impossible, We need to destroy the idea of left right as a system philosophy and realise it eminates directly from the left-right brain system of 2. All systems of 2 build more complex systems of 2, if we get the core balance right on an individual level this will resonate out in balance also. This is 100% in line with human nature and as a result will need the fewest laws to control the people. Let’s believe in human potential for once or what else is there? Also worth noting that the more meat a culture eats the more war-like they become, this would suggest to me that the fear energy the animal feels on slaughter is transferred into stress hormones that sit in the meat, these stress hormones are then transferred to the human, stands to reason it’s only energy transfer isn’t it which is the basis for the material world.

    The Techno-Human brigade bother me a lot because they are reasonably intelligent trying to build A.I. they are getting closer I can see them skirting closer to what they would need for a self-organising heirachy of mind they just are missing some of the simplistic beauty. They bother me because they regard us nothing more than biological machines that need upgrading, don’t they realise that once they manage to build a fully functioning A.I. they are making themselves obselete, this isn’t evolution and who do they think they are really working for? Just because it is possible to do something doesn’t mean you should, if they really want to evolve get girlfriends. Typical nerd bean counters, can count all the beans but know the value of none! All ‘intelligence’ and no wisdom. It’s ok for them they can upgrade their maths ability with a liquid neural transistor network but without wisdom will this make us happier, no of course not. No amount of upgrades in the world can upgrade wisdom, we are created as a part of a wider natural balance and wisdom comes from being able to see the balance in action in all things, work with nature and evolve consciousness, work against nature and die!

    The world is a zoo and nearly all the animals are asleep

  • lj
  • I think this maybe discusses about some issues from where these PC is arising from!

  • new representatives PLEASE
  • Connie Lynn

    This is an excellent comment, Brenda. I would add also that SJWs fighting for transgender issues may not even have the blessing of transgenders in general, but use their cause with many others to further their ultimate goal.

  • Julia
  • That was my initial impression on first seeing these manipulated empty cognitive shells who are untethered from truth itself. Didn’t that used to pass for insanity using most measures? lost in discordance, wandering blindly from one path of lies to another with painful results every time they find a new lie to swallow, lies built on lies they will keel over one way or the other i’m afraid. I’d like to run mental profiles on the social re- educators they is something not right about them, all their actions look motivated from fear. This fear can be seen transferred to the empty ones, F.E.A.R.- False Evidence Appearing Real……

  • johnp

    MP Cathay Wagantall trying to add an amendment to Bill C-16:

    Disclaimer: I have no information as to when this debate took place and am no Canadian citizen.
    If someone with more background knowledge can link the original source or the transcript that’d be great.

  • The need for education and seeing/meeting our monstrosity.

  • Logical


    there can be no future, no culture, no speech, nothing.

    With such laws, all culture and human activity must logically be annihilated, nobody will be able to speak much less function normally. Let’s hope this Orwellian scenario takes center stage so that it plays out rapidly.

  • Brenda

    First of all, please if you can, re-title this post as it is vital information and needs to catch the eye of the viewer coming to your site here, so that everyone can respond.

    So many of us, as evidenced in our support here for Dr. Peterson, demonstrate how the great majority of Canadians are all for supporting each of its citizens and their rights in an equal and clear manner. It’s not about that and I’m incensed that the transgender SJWs has waved their flag over this issue which clouds the point that Dr. Peterson has been trying to make about free speech and its protection.

    Here is a real opportunity for us all to keep our voices strong and heard by writing to the Hon. Donald Neil Plett as well as continuing our support of Dr. Peterson in social media, to let them both know that this issue has not been resolved to our satisfaction and that we are willing stand beside these brave men.

    Please lend your written support to the Hon. Donald Neil Platt as he will need to show his opposition the support that he is receiving so that we can have our voices heard in legislation. This is where the rubber hits the road, folks, let’s take the few minutes out of our daily lives for this important issue. And thank you Dr. Peterson for presenting this here, if you could put it in other social media areas so that it gets as much publicity as possible that would be greatly appreciated.

    • Well said and well focused! Let’s stand strong and do what we can! Truth needs fighting for above all else!

  • Connie Lynn

    I have now entered the twilight zone, where speech police have somehow gained authority to not only muzzle inhabitants of the true north strong and free (where did it go?) but to forcibly move our lips to form new, correct words. Now if they could just turn our brains off….

  • Henri

    Generalized Anxiety Disorder is your specialty

  • Dr. Jordan Peterson,
    You are a brave man fighting the good fight.

  • jonathan staley

    What we do in this lifetime echoes in eternity and that includes or not, fighting the good fight is energising!!!!!

    I apologize for spelling in advance i’m stream of consciousness and I have like 5-10 mins.

    It is good to see that there are still voices of reason in the ever darkening dorms of academia. (Anti-Academia in effect)

    The further we move from nature, truth and reality the less natural more false and surreal our world will become.

    The ever searching search for answers…………………………………..

    How to find the root cause? Oh I see then how to pull the rotten tooth with minimal blood? These are the questions I strategise on because of my love for humanity. I hate how these weak non identitys have been de-humanised it makes me feel sick.

    How to re-instate the family unit and squash Passive aggressive leftist authoritarianism? Many angles of attack available.

    For starters let’s think about eating food that doesn’t contain nasty chemicals that mimic female hormones, organic and non-GMO food, u know what used to be called just food! Chemical disruption of gender spotted. Food is literal information for DNA so bad information equals bad DNA, Epi-genetically mainly although this also has other knock on open loop effects.

    How about asking the goverment to stop putting 30 parts per million of sodium hexa flouride in the water supply as it is proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that it impairs cognitive function. let’s just say they are naive. The official line is that they are doing it to protect the teeth of the citizenry, oh how nice of you in a free market system to go to the trouble of reducing medical costs for individuals. Since when was the goverment into dentistry on that level of need? The Nazi’s weren’t naive when they introduced this to the camps though, no they knew it would disrupt cognitive ability and consciousness and help compliance. Chemical disruption of mentalism spotted.

    We need to stop telling young boys that they have too much energy and should sit still like the girls tend to do then reprimand them and put them on ADHD tablets to blotto them from a young age, we should be encouraging male traits in a positive way with focus and discipline not attacking them for their inherent nature. No wonder we have so many effeminate men which are usually hilarious and a growing reactionary right wing type who is not!

    Would it be possible to mentally evaluate the Gender studies students before they take up the course, this could be done under the guise of the fact it is a social science experiment in itself- then afterwards with all the de-programming these people have recieved it must surely be possible to see a breakdown of identity on some level. I mean they could even be personality typed using Myers briggs or something to see if they have actually turned into a different make-up. I know my fiancee did one on me at age 16, I did it again at 25 and at 35 I was exactly the same, wouldn’t this be a usual result in terms of no natural deviation over time. Anyway not my department. I’m sure someone could come up with a really good case study so that will at least put the brakes on things. Conscious disruption of Gender spotted.

    It is like we have to treat these SJW types with kid gloves, they have been told the world is a big lie and it is all against them, (in a way they do not understand). I don’t know education in Canada do they not teach critical thinking skills and logic as part of the curriculum, you know a proper tool for all informational digestion. A bit like a classical education I suppose? This type of education always produces the most capable people en masse, can this not be pushed for, how could any educator or politician disagree with that?

    They are only in colllege because they still need looking after against the real world and cannot find their dream job riding magic Gendermessed unicorns across what little meaningful neural pathway connections these people have.

    Is this a new phenonemon or have previous years of SJW’s been out in the world commiting suicide yet? are there any figures for what life oppurtunities these people generally have after taking these classes? If the progression is poor ( I wonder) can we not start putting the average starting wage statistics in the college prospectuses to put off at least some of them and make it public just how badly these people do after taking this course in Non-logic. If Logic builds neural pathways by ability to hold many different points of view at once then these people are truly brain damaged!

    Would regression techniques help any of them remember who they used to be? They cannot have been a non gender SJW in a past manifestation as they are a new manipulation. I’m not saying I believe one way or the other but the results will reveal something of value either way I feel.

    So the mainstream media needs attacking too? we need to hurt them in their pockets, many, many ways to do this.

    I think it is important that we all guide each other to the path for truth, It feels like the sane fighting the insane what with the polarization of language that has been seen as a result of all this. Discourse impossible. It reminds me of that story from the old world (Bible maybe) where to divide the harmony and ability to work together of the workers they were struck with different languages, after this they became enemies and the obvious followed. I don’t see any difference with the current discord being put upon these people, there truly is nothing new under the sun it would seem. I now see that old story as a fable of evil. Whatever one consider’s evil to be it really doesn’t matter it is essentially chaos as against harmony, (sometimes needed for rebirth) the outcome is the same. let’s call it bad policy We need to cut out this cancer every which way possible using tried techniques of analysis and maybe a few new ones, I mean really what is the alternative?!

    I sometimes wish I hadn’t seen this attack on Western Values because I made a promise to myself to do good and fight evil regardless of outcome for myself a while back. I expect massive upheaval around the next corner!

    This subject matter is astounding to me it’s like we have forgot history, ha maybe that needs teaching as a warning with a bit more context and show all students pictures from sunny Siberia on what totalitarianism usually looks like, what other way are we walking on this current path?

    Must dash.

  • un passant

    They should read Spinoza’ Tractatus Politicus [*] so as to learn not to weaken the state’s legitimacy by trying to rule what cannot be ruled :
    In the second place it comes to be considered, that subjects are so far dependent not on themselves, but on the commonwealth, as they fear its power or threats, or as they love the civil state (Chap. II. Sect. 10). Whence it follows, that such things, as no one can be induced to do by rewards or threats, do not fall within the rights of the commonwealth. For instance, by reason of his faculty of judgment, it is in no man’s power to believe. For by what rewards or threats can a man be brought to believe, that the whole is not greater than its part, or that God does not exist, or that that is an infinite being, which he sees to be finite, or generally anything contrary to his sense or thought? So, too, by what rewards or threats can a man be brought to love one, whom he hates, or to hate one, whom he loves? And to this head must likewise be referred such things as are so abhorrent to human nature, that it regards them as actually worse than any evil, as that a man should be witness against himself, or torture himself, or kill his parents, or not strive to avoid death, and the like, to which no one can be induced by rewards or threats. But if we still choose to say, that the commonwealth has the right or authority to order such things, we can conceive of it in no other sense, than that in which one might say, that a man has the right to be mad or delirious. For what but a delirious fancy would such a right be, as could bind no one? And here I am speaking expressly of such things as cannot be subject to the right of a commonwealth and are abhorrent to human nature in general. For the fact, that a fool or madman can by no rewards or threats be induced to execute orders, or that this or that person, because he is attached to this or that religion, judges the laws of a dominion worse than any possible evil, in no wise makes void the laws of the commonwealth, since by them most of the citizens are restrained. And so, as those who are without fear or hope are so far independent (Chap. II. Sec. 10), they are, therefore, enemies of the dominion (Chap. II. Sec. 14), and may lawfully be coerced by force.»

    Benedict de Spinoza, The Chief Works of Benedict de Spinoza, translated from the Latin, with an Introduction by R.H.M. Elwes, vol. 1 Introduction, Tractatus-Theologico-Politicus, Tractatus Politicus. Revised edition (London: George Bell and Sons, 1891). 11/24/2016.

  • lloydphillips22

    Gives me chills. In part due to the nature of the issue, and in part due to the honor of the man making the statement, Hon. Donald Neil Plett.
    This is the sense of awe Peterson talks about when we apprehend a dragon … and the hero who confronts it.
    It is IN THESE CONFRONTATIONS that we learn what we need to save ourselves, and our cultures.
    Let’s express that awe in words. Write to him as well as to Peterson.

  • Bernard Lesperance

    Back to the future. 1984.