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Widdowson: Universities are letting free speech crumble – and they shouldn’tOttawa Citizen25 Nov
Examples abound of common sense in Canada and idiocy in AmericaThe Observer25 Nov
Christie Blatchford: UBC prof who denounced U of T colleague in gender debate has skeletons in her own classroomNational Post24 Nov
U of T professor doesn’t believe in gender neutral pronouns, criticized by UBC professor in debateThe Ubyssey24 Nov
Free speech a thing of the past on university campuses?Toronto Sun24 Nov
Pronouns and the professorToronto Star24 Nov
The English language, gender rights, free speech laws, a professor under siegeCBC International24 Nov
Trudeau opening door to ‘outright persecution’ as he fast-tracks ‘trans rights’ bathroom bill: criticLifeSite Canada24 Nov
U of T professor doesn’t believe in gender neutral pronouns, criticized by UBC professor in debateThe Ubyssey24 Nov
New Canada Bill: Hate crime to refuse gender-neutral pronounsThe Christian Institute23 Nov
Churches should ‘tremble’ at transgender agenda, professor saysThe Catholic Register23 Nov
Valley Pulpit: Are we really glorious and free?The Daily Observer22 Nov
Gender “pronoun war” is about freedom for sure, but not free speechNow Magazine22 Nov
Christie Blatchford: If gender identity debate at U of T was about free speech, then the battle is truly lostNational Post21 Nov
Professors talk Bill C-16 at U of T debateThe Medium21 Nov
The Explainer: Timeline of the Jordan Peterson controversyThe Varsity21 Nov
U of T holds forum on Bill C-16 with Peterson, Cossman, BrysonThe Varsity21 Nov
Politically IncorrectThe Weal21 Nov
Gender Identity and Gender ExpressionMy Steinbach20 Nov
Jordan Peterson debating at the University of Toronto 11/19/16Ricochet20 Nov
Prof’s fear of pronoun punishment is all too plausible: DiMannoToronto Star20 Nov
P.E.I. person wants to be referred to as neither he, nor she, but theyThe Guardian19 Nov
Yes, your pronouns are up for discussion: Neil MacdonaldCBC News19 Nov
University of Toronto professor defends right to use gender-specific pronounsGlobe and Mail19 Nov
U of T event challenges political correctnessToronto Sun19 Nov
U of T prof who refuses to use ‘made-up’ gender-neutral pronouns in tense free speech debateCanoe News19 Nov
New words trigger an abstract clash on campus: DiMannoToronto Star19 Nov
OPINION: Don’t let Jordan Peterson debate at the University of TorontoThis18 Nov
Controversial campus debates on race, sexual orientation have a fiery pastToronto Star18 Nov
Prof who refuses to use gender pronouns points to Catholicism as bulwark against extremismLifeSite Canada18 Nov
Students’ unions get ‘F’ grades in 2016 Campus Freedom IndexThe Varsity18 Nov
Heroes, Joseph Cambpell, and Jordan PetersonFuture Health18 Nov
U of T prof. Jordan Peterson will take part in campus debate on legislation on gender identityToronto Star16 Nov
Using ‘misgendered’ pronouns is ‘discrimination,’ could get you fined: Ontario Human Rights CommissionLifeSite Canada15 Nov
U of T prof to debate gender-neutral pronoun views at forumToronto Sun15 Nov
Jordan Peterson announces details of debateThe Varsity14 Nov
Forum on Bill C-16 and gender provisions of the Ontario Human Rights CodeU of T News14 Nov
White noise and public representation do not mixThe Varsity13 Nov
Drowning out discourseThe Varsity13 Nov
Debating dignityThe Varsity13 Nov
Human rights commissioner weighs in on ze and hirToronto Sun13 Nov
Yes, political correctness is an attack on free speechThe Yorker11 Nov
How to be like U of T Professor Jordan Peterson, In Six Easy StepsTorontoist10 Nov
Kevin Libin: Pipeline Political Incorrectness Must Be PunishedFinancial Post08 Nov
Jordan Peterson: The Right to Be Politically CorrectNational Post08 Nov
Barbara Kay: For Gender Marxists, Pronouns are the latest patch of Hotly Contested Terrain in the RevolutionNational Post08 Nov
In conversation with Deb MatthewsThe Varsity08 Nov
Respecting “Rules of War” in Societal Battles: Science, Sex and Hate SpeechDissident Voice08 Nov
Peterson Addresses U of TThe Medium07 Nov
Canadian university professor under fire for ‘disturbing’ refusal to use gender-neutral pronounsThe Telegraph07 Nov
Standing Up To The Campus LeftPowerline07 Nov
Letters: What About Jordan Peterson’s RightsNational Post07 Nov
Highlights from “The Campus War on Free Speech” special: Jordan Peterson, Janice Fiamengo, Ann CoulterThe Rebel07 Nov
Just Call Me ‘Nibble’, Or ElseToronto Sun07 Nov
I’m A Left Winger and I Support Jordan PetersonToronto Sun07 Nov
Canadian professor records ’emotionally disturbing’ video lecture railing against gender-neutral pronounsIndependent07 Nov
PCP Against B16The Iron Warrior06 Nov
Is discussing gender identity an issue of free speech or basic human decency?The Hamilton Spectator06 Nov
Letters: When Values ClashNational Post06 Nov
Canadian professor Jordan Peterson ignites controversy by not using gender neutral pronounsIndia Live Today05 Nov
Jordan Peterson exposes the creeping dictatorship of gender-rights movementLifeSite Canada04 Nov
U of T Professor, Jordan Peterson, refuses to use “preferred” gender pronouns640 Toronto04 Nov
Review: Stuart Jeffries’s Grand Hotel Abyss highlights the value of critical thinkingGlobe and Mail04 Nov
Christie Blatchford: Yes, the ‘gender unicorn’ is absurd, but something even wackier will followNational Post03 Nov
Why I won’t use ‘preferred’ pronouns – and why you shouldn’t eitherToronto Sun03 Nov
The new curriculum: Purple unicorns and drag queensToronto Sun03 Nov
Examining Bill C-16 and the Ontario Human Rights CodeU of T News03 Nov
U of T prof in a bindToronto Sun02 Nov
Letters: On the Fall Economic Statement: We all pay in the endNational Post02 Nov
U of T Prof Who Opposes Gender Neutral Pronouns Said ‘Social Justice Warriors’ Glued His Office Door ShutVice Media02 Nov
The Bay and political correctnessThe Suburban02 Nov
My Fight for Free Speech in Trudeau’s CanadaCatholic Herald02 Nov
A Courageous Stand Against Made-Up PronounsTroy Media01 Nov
University of Toronto Students Disrupt Speech of Professor Refusing to Use ‘Transgender’ PronounsChristian News01 Nov
U of T agrees to Hold a Forum with PetersonThe Medium31 Oct
Second free speech rally held outside Simcoe HallThe Varsity31 Oct
Welcome to the Latest Culture WarsCounter Punch31 Oct
This Halloween, your look might be looked down on: DiMannoToronto Star31 Oct
Setting the Record Straight – Why Peterson is RightPrince Arthur Herald31 Oct
Video Showing Heated Debate On Gender Pronouns And Free Speech In TorontoMTL Blog31 Oct
We Stand With Jordan PetersonOttawa Sun (Postmedia)31 Oct
Letters: Waiting for the Backlash against the LiberalsNational Post31 Oct
Rex Murphy: Jordan Peterson — a real professor, at lastNational Post30 Oct
Letters on Genderless Pronouns: There is a lot in a NameNational Post30 Oct
Once they’re done with Jordan Peterson, they’ll come for youToronto Sun29 Oct
Students Riot After Professor Declares Opposition to Law Forcing LGBT PronounsPJ Media28 Oct
Unethical to silence professor for refusing transgender pronouns, says ethicistCatholic Register27 Oct
Kelly McParland: Are Zee Ready for the Dictatorship of the Gender Warriors?National Post27 Oct
Gender Reality CheckCatholic Register27 Oct
U of T to Host Official Debate with Jordan PetersonThe Varsity27 Oct
Letters: The Speech PoliceNational Post27 Oct
Social justice warriors turn violent against students practicing free speechPatheos27 Oct
Canadian academics question Toronto’s response to ‘discrimination’Times Higher Education26 Oct
Lauren Heuser: When the government tells us how to speakNational Post26 Oct
Letters on the U.S. election: Excluding the 2%National Post26 Oct
Free speech is under attack, but Jordan Peterson stands firmNews Optimist25 Oct
U or T Letter asks Jordan Peterson to Respect Pronouns, Stop Making StatementsThe Varsity24 Oct
The Dangers of Biased ReportingThe Medium24 Oct
U of T Faculties Take ActionThe Medium24 Oct
Student groups issue statements about Jordan Peterson’s lecturesThe Varsity24 Oct
Join Pussy Grabs Back Toronto’s Trump and rape culture protestNow Magazine24 Oct
Letters: Excluding the 2%National Post24 Oct
Sibley: Blame the intellectuals for our politically correct language conflictsOttawa Citizen24 Oct
No, the Trans Rights Bill Doesn’t Criminalize Free SpeechVice Media24 Oct
Political correctness killing free speechToronto Star24 Oct
Life befuddling enough without 31 gendersCanoe24 Oct
Why universities should cherish the civil libertiesPrince Arthur Herald24 Oct
Free Speech Clashes with Gender IdentityToronto Sun23 Oct
Free speech and the cruel shackles of empathy and mutual respectRabble23 Oct
Parents should be primary educators of childrenMedicine Hat News22 Oct
The Professor Vs. The Pronoun WarriorsGlobe and Mail22 Oct
U of T professor says he won’t use gender-neutral pronouns, even under threat of a human rights complaintThe Mississauga News22 Oct
U or T Free Speech Debate Resonates Across CanadaThe Record21 Oct
Levelheaded professor refuses to use ‘genderless pronouns’ and now the faculty is in full revoltBizPac Review21 Oct
Christie Blatchford: Embattled U of T professor a warrior for common sense and plain speechNational Post21 Oct
On Jordan Peterson’s political correctness and the ‘radical left’Rabble20 Oct
U of T faculty speak out against hate speech, threats on campusMetro News20 Oct
Free Speech Rally Devolves Into Conflict, Outbursts of ViolenceFulcrum20 Oct
7 sites near University of Toronto defaced with swastikasJewish Journal20 Oct
University demands anti-PC professor use ‘correct gender pronouns’Fox News20 Oct
U of T response to professor’s gender statements seen as testing free-speech rightsGlobe and Mail20 Oct
Peterson warns America about new bill on gender-neutral pronounsThe Medium19 Oct
U of T prof told to use gender pronouns students wantToronto Sun19 Oct
University Threatens to ‘Silence’ Professor Protesting Genderless PronounsDaily Signal19 Oct
Free expression and equity go hand in hand, U of T saysU of T News19 Oct
BREAKING: U of T tells prof to stop fighting transgender pronouns, but he won’t back downLifeSite Canada19 Oct
Revisiting free speech debate on campusToronto Star18 Oct
Why You Shouldn’t User Transgender PronounsThe Federalist18 Oct
Dialogue is Important, But not at the Expense of Non-Binary CommunitiesQueens Journal18 Oct
UofT transgender community at centre of controversy following professor’s YouTube videoThe Brock Press18 Oct
University Of Toronto Professor Refuses To Recognize Gender Neutral IdentitiesThe Argus18 Oct
Peterson’s Transphobia—It’s Not Just Words: Free speech is not the same as hate speechThe Strand18 Oct
Free speech rally incites controversyThe Medium17 Oct
U of T’s Unreachable HierarchiesThe Medium17 Oct
Tensions flare at rally supporting free speech, Dr. Jordan PetersonThe Varsity17 Oct
UofT trans students worried after being threatened online following controversial comments from profMetro News17 Oct
Professor Ignites Protests By Refusing To Use Transgender PronounsThe Federalist17 Oct
Toronto Professor Criticized for Refusing to Use Genderless PronounsTranzgendr17 Oct
Transgender activists attack free speech rally defending professor who won’t say ‘ze’The College Fix17 Oct
U of T responds to transphobic threatsThe Medium15 Oct
Police investigating online threats sent to transgender people at U of TGlobe And Mail14 Oct
U of T says professor has a right to his opinion after allegations of racist, transphobic commentsOur Windsor14 Oct
What’s the issue?Times Higher Education13 Oct
Toronto professor remains undaunted in stance against ‘trans’ language amidst backlashLifeSite Canada13 Oct
University Professor: Transphobia or Free Speech?AM 640 Talk Radio13 Oct
Video: Student groups demand apology after accusations of ‘transphobic’ comments by UofT profMetro News12 Oct
Despite their best protests, Canadian universities still aren’t safe spaces for diverse voicesRabble12 Oct
U o T students say professor should apologise for transphobic commentsIndia Blooms12 Oct
We Are Non-Binary Trans People And Yes, We ExistHuffington Post11 Oct
UTMSU alleges transphobic comments of U of T professorThe Medium10 Oct
Canadian Students Demand Censure of ‘Bigoted’ Professor Who Refuses to Use ‘Correct Gender Pronouns’HeatStreet10 Oct
College Groups Demand ‘Anti Oppression Training’ After Professor Blasts Political CorrectnessThe Daily Caller10 Oct
U of T Prof Should Be Allowed to be WrongToronto Star10 Oct
Theresa May is not the Hero of Brexit: Why the Battle for Democracy is OverSpiked Podcast08 Oct
Freedom of speech and the great pronouns debate: SalutinToronto Star07 Oct
The Abolition Of MaleThe Amercican Conservative07 Oct
Letters: Who’s the real jerk — the professor who refuses to use genderless pronouns, or the activists taking him to task?National Post07 Oct
Students were told to select gender pronouns. One chose ‘His Majesty’ to protest ‘absurdity.’Washington Post07 Oct
When Rebel Media Reporters Fake Being Trans, They’re Not Doing JournalismTorontoist07 Oct
U of T Professor’s Stand Against Genderless Pronouns Draws FireGlobe and Mail07 Oct
Toronto prof assailed over anti-PC campaign: pushes back by urging students to joinLifeSite Canada06 Oct
Free speech in the smallest thingFairview Post06 Oct
Gender neutrality and the death of Tom, Dick & HarryToronto Sun06 Oct
Teach-in and rally held in response to Jordan Peterson’s comments on genderThe Varsity06 Oct
Prof attacks ‘political correctness’ in genderless pronouns, Bill C-16CTV News05 Oct
I Won’t Play the PC GameSpiked Podcast05 Oct
Even Hollywood is Battling PC MadnessWND05 Oct
Stop being a jerk over someone’s pronoun preference — they’re human beings, not issuesNational Post05 Oct
Why We Should Stand Up For Trans Rights and Recognition at the University of TorontoTorontoist04 Oct
U of T Professor Against Gender Pronouns and Trigger Warnings Traumatized By BacklashStrand04 Oct
Canadian professor slams university ‘political correctness’Times Higher Education04 Oct
U of T community responds to Jordan Peterson on gender identitiesVarsity03 Oct
Watson: Caution – whatever you say may be politically incorrectOttawa Citizen03 Oct
Even Liberals Now Pushing Back Against the PC MadnessChristian Post03 Oct
U of T prof blasts ‘totalitarian’ gender ideology: ‘I guess I should be put in jail’LifeSite Canada30 Sep
I’m not a bigot’ Meet the U of T prof who refuses to use genderless pronounsCBC As it Happens30 Sep
U of T professor attacks political correctness, says he refuses to use genderless pronounsVancouver Sun29 Sep
A Canadian University Professor Is Under Fire For Rant on Political CorrectnessVice Media29 Sep
U of T prof rips bill outlawing gender identity discrimination24 Hours Toronto29 Sep
A Toronto Professor Is Facing Criticism For Saying He Won’t Recognize Gender-Neutral IdentitesBuzzfeed News29 Sep
U of T psychology prof decries “political correctness” in YouTube lectureVarsity28 Sep

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  • Jono Scott Staly

    I hope all people promoting human potential can feel motivated by the fact we are fighting to elevate human consciousness in our own unique ways. We should all feel proud for what we are doing knowing that it is creating ripples in the world, ripples that are touching the toes of people sleeping and gently waking them up in the right way. The Louder we shout the more we are ignored it would appear through the natural polarizing force of resistance. Having just read the BBC’s interpretation of the Gender Pro-Noun Debacle Dr Peterson has had to fight I came away with 2 main conclusions. 1) The first paragraph attempts to frame the entire argument by asking the reader to ‘decide’ if Dr Peterson is a villain or a victim, right so nice alliteration but really can he only be thought of as either a man with a bad motive or a victim of one? The latter is more true but come on in reality he should be judged by a balanced approach to questioning his motives. In other words it would have been more balanced to have asked is he a villain or a hero for taking this stand. People would feel inclined to back a hero, not so much a villain OR a victim. Generalisation.
    A Small point but these subtle deviations away from providing a balanced narrative only serve to muddy the waters further, bad journalism. 2) The BBC are not as good as they used to be when it counts. Thank-you everyone, let’s try and probe for new understanding and doors to open we didn’t know were there. PEACE

  • Luke

    This article from The Medium is not yet mentioned here:

  • I’ve seen the battle of the future and it is catalysing, it’s not a new battle but is never ending although now insidious in it’s scope of domination, we have allowed the light to be turned down on all but a few, too busy to notice with the chaos that is the modern world. Aren’t we clever! No wisdom. The world is now a zoo and almost all the animals are asleep. The future battle is fought between those with a love for power for powers sake (born of fear) and those who have experienced the power of the universal love force.

    Looking at the last enlightenment period from short history (1600s-1800s ) it shares a striking resemblance to all of the other Golden era’s of philisophical enquiry in that it recognises 3 key areas that basically explain how everything is connected.

    We have lost that connection and the emergent light that it always brings.I’m sure we all know this anyway it’s just I rarely hear of education recognising what has always brought us magical era’s of reform in the past. The death of classicalism you might call the latest reincarnation laugh out loud… For the biggest use of these reductive principles one must visit the original texts as aforementioned previously.

    If anyone is interested I am writing up how these principles allow for the knowledge of self through to knowledge of free open society through to an infinite amount of inventions using energy. The atoms we define our world by are the seperation points and are visible, the energy is invisible so we disregard out of hand. Havent you heard science has now ‘discovered matter comes from energy’ wow I bet that got a nobel prize. we really are in trouble!!! it is all swimming in a predictable sea of energy, raw spiritual, scientific energy. One and the same with balance. We have lost balance. Unless one studies all subject matter you will not realise that these are merely compartmentalised boxes of specialization like positions on a clock face, these can all be reverse engineered to a centre point of truth. Its the math of waves travelling through fractal steps of consciousness then out into the world. Sometimes to see something you have to completely clear your mind and hear the truth tugging at your conscious mind from the untapped potential of ones sub-conscious. we can all feel something wrong with the world but we don’t know why. The darkness is left behind for me but I see very few other people who can see the 360 degree truth. It’s quite literally mind blowing beyond belief. I think the last lot of Enlightenment thinkers had the original texts but held back a bit to retain a degree of power.

    And so the cycle repeats………………………….

    Reductionism refers to several related but distinct philosophical positions regarding the connections between phenomena, or theories, “reducing” one to another, usually considered “simpler” or more “basic”.[1] The Oxford Companion to Philosophy suggests that it is “one of the most used and abused terms in the philosophical lexicon” and suggests a three part division:[2]
    Ontological reductionism: a belief that the whole of reality consists of a minimal number of parts- TRUE
    Methodological reductionism: the scientific attempt to provide explanation in terms of ever smaller entities FRACTAL?
    Theory reductionism: the suggestion that a newer theory does not replace or absorb the old, but reduces it to more basic terms. Theory reduction itself is divisible into three: translation, derivation and explanation.[3]
    Reductionism can be applied to objects, phenomena, explanations, theories, and meanings.[3][4][5]sic scientific

  • That’s Beautiful, id say our bodies are fed from the sun, our souls from the moon, we are seperated by what we can see and more importantly can be connected through what we can’t.

  • Totally agree, it has to come from within, internal transformation that will bring the next enlightenment and natural stabilising principle, you have to love yourself before you can love your fellow humans or we will perish , I can feel we are heading towards that point. Sometimes you have to remember what we all once new in 10,500 BC, These balancing principles were wrote about in Ancient Kemit (Egypt) and produced a spirituality and science as yet unmatched by todays standard. We still cannot build the pyramids. Exported to Greece and brought us the science of the circle and triangle through Pythagoras, founded the Greco-Roman Philosophical era, was put underground during the middle ages then was re- established through what we experienced in the 1600-1800’s in the Anglo-American enlightenment period through students of these ancient texts like Francis Bacon Isaac Newton, George Washington. A bit later Nikola Tesla gave us A.C. electricity having a firm knowledge of the source of all things and our connected place in the electrical cosmos. I would argue that seperation is the greatest told lie of our time. It makes me laugh when I see supposed ‘scientists’ who disregard the very shoulders of giants they are standing on, Having never studuied Universal LAW philosophy and actually understood what it was teaching them. Clues for the spiritual teachings now in the east and amongst tribal peoples. Clues for the scientific teachings largely in the west. Both come from these laws. Newtons Laws of motion come from these laws. These are not mans political laws, these are the creation sources laws, depending on a given religeon you will call it something else to varying degrees of accuracy. Everywhere this golden knowledge has wound through the river of time new grass has grown. Largely and lastly carried in principle through the christian tradition but is much much earlier in int’s conception. you can see definite similarities between what Jesus talked of as a true seer and the early teachers taught at heliopolis. History, like a sine wave has constantly gone through light and dark epochs in direct relation to how much of this universal philosophy is doing the rounds at the time. They are clues all around us and going back to as far back as 10,500BC but people would rather think that we know better as more clever ‘modern’ humans! Ignorance really is bliss it takes a serious amount of intellectual courage to confront the knowledge and to see the world for how it works, it has a divine beauty at it’s essence, I would say Divine and also that it doesn’t make mistakes like a magical clock to drastically over simplify. Someone must pick up a bloody clue from what iv’e said, it’s groundhog day in the west and the next enlightenment is staring us in the face saying oh so your all asleep since the last turn of the wheel I must just go then. No Spirituality and we will all end up goners We have been given one last chance believe me.

  • Talii

    “We gain enlightenment like the moon reflecting in the water. The moon does not get wet, nor is the water broken. Although its light is wide and great, the moon is reflected even in a puddle an inch wide. The whole moon and the whole sky are reflected in a drop of dew in the grass.”
    – Dōgen Zenji

  • Role of universities…
    is not just to solve problems, but to redefine/reform the very question that is being asked!!!

  • False freedom?

  • I agree with your premise about controlling people but you have to realise how these people have been manipulated in order to fight the root cause most efficiently. It is good to do good but fighting bad is equally important or it is in vain. (general rule) It’s not so much ‘controlling’ them I am trying to do Id never want to impose my will on anyone but rather to allow them to rebalance so they can critically asses all of these floating points of non logic they have been given. Basically say they are imbalanced heavily on the left side hemisphere. (more than likely) take it up a level to the individual now you have an imbalanced woman. take it up another level now you have an imbalanced woman with no man. take it up another level now you have an imbalanced ‘family’ (potentailly) Now we have a left leaning political ideology that craves being looked after. The feminin principle carries up through each level and magnifies when finding common cause with those similar around it as it only can, I’m saying the further down the fractal structure to source consciousness you place the balancing male principle the more stable all of the other levels become as an emergent property of the fractal. Fractals are not well understood by anyone but quantum physics, they work becuase we are all living in a unified sea of energy. many examples I am writing up now show that we as people are not seperate from this fact, it is universally applicable and can be considered a universal law. Unfortunately I’m not the only person who understands this principle of gender as an immutable building block for society. Thats all I can say. This makes more sense as a diagram showing the split brain then branching out through each level. I’m just saying n accurate picture provides room for analysis and strategy that is testable. If we all throw suggestions at each other grains of truth will start sticking together where there should, isn’t that the point of learning from each other? No-one knows anyone else we are all just people?

  • In short Feminism will always lead to socialism because of the need to be looked after financially, with no male principle at the lower fractal end this need gets pushed up the macrocosm as the female principle attempts to right the balance.

  • We need to re-instate the Male Principle in society from a right brain hemisphere point of view, it starts with teaching right brain logic (logic), Men will be able to act in line with their predisposition and it will help balance the female principle back a bit. within women teaching right brain logic will help balance them so they dont become over female erratic victims. (sorry!) The next macroscopic step up we will have balanced men and women so all further macroscopic step ups will remain in balance. Instead of teaching a load of left brain nonsense not tethered to any logic which just causes nice random neural pretty patterns. every macroscopic step up from this imbalance will become worse as you will see over feminised families then next step up macroscopically becomes a left leaning communist super family, super passive aggresive with no male principle to balance it. Now do the same for a right brain example from 1 hemisphere and it works the equal and opposite way all up through the macrocosm. It’s only science at the end of the day. The universe is mathematical in nature.

    • lloydphillips22

      But how do we reinstate it? The real question is: What should we do?
      I think Dr. Peterson is answering that question by his actions.
      He often points out that everything is too complex to fully understand, and also that it’s unwise to believe we can intellectually know how to fix things as individuals and have them turn out right.
      Maintaining humility and speaking the truth (as best you know it, which is NEVER very well) and watching what happens is the basic idea.
      It is giving up control of everyone else, and trusting that in the process of debate, the truth will emerge or be highlighted.
      Certainly there is science, and “objective truths” but those are only best guesses in the moment,and the scientific attitude of “Here’s my best guess – tell me how I am wrong?” is the best approach. It’s hard to maintain that attitude in the face of lies and ignorance, so it’s something we have to return to over and over again.
      Sometimes it seems silly, since we know so much so well, and that it may undermine the strength of the arguments, but it is the attitude that best serves truth, even in the fight against those who attempt to create hell here on earth.
      Arrogance of thinking one KNOWS what others should do, and be and think, and the resentment that they DON’T or WON’T, that leads to the worst hell.
      It is difficult to resist the temptation to control others when you see such damaging foolishness.
      I have a tendency towards wanting to punish others and vigilantism as well, but listening to Dr. Peterson I have put the advice he offers into practice and the results have become real to me now. I understood how it is supposed to work and why, but now I REALIZE how it works.

  • TomSW

    A question about pronouns. Imagine English got a standard gender-neutral singular pronoun (not they). Using it would signify that one did not wish to specify the person’s gender, for whatever reason. If the person requested another pronoun be used instead, precisely in order that their specific gender identity be recognised, would C-16 oblige it?

  • We need to establish truth as a centralizing principle and work everything in relation to that centre point, the economy isn’t a natural centralizing principle in all honesty the way it is currently established. I’ll be a few month to get the blueprints down, there’s a tangibility to what might be around the corner I think we can all now feel something, that makes us at the forefront of realisation so let’s not sleep on anything it’s getting time to face history if we want a new direction for the future. Truly polarizing times, the charge is building.

  • lloydphillips22

    Yes, good idea.
    This is not just a shared issue in North America either, but in the world as well, and I’ve seen comments on Peterson’s role in it from people all over the world. Obviously a major issue of our time.

  • WK

    Almost entirely Canadian media and online media. I’m not in a position to do so myself, but I encourage Prof. Peterson and his supporters to seek out neutral (repeat: neutral, neither left nor right) US writers at high-profile publications who might have an interest in this issue, and pitch them a story. Nathan Heller, perhaps? There is an opportunity to go beyond this specific event and explore Prof. Peterson’s past work and what brings him to this point. Were it not for two words—”Canada” and “Trump”—Peterson’s case would be on the front pages of the larger English-language press.

  • lloydphillips22

    I wrote a “thank- you” email to Senator Plett and he replied in thanks. Reading some of the frustration expressed here, just a reminder of perhaps the main point or principle (the theory Dr. Peterson has faith in that Sen. Plett expresses in his statement on C-16:
    “Once we decide that we will not engage in manipulation of facts, regardless of the results, if it is based on telling the truth, that is always the best possible outcome.”

    I have faith in that and am trying to follow it in my personal life as well.
    When some discretion seems warranted, and i try to think of what is most helpful, or wise to say …
    I know then, that i am actually trying to arrogantly manipulate reality and use words as tools, instead of trusting… and i see that speaking LESS than the truth as I can understand it is going to lead to misunderstanding.
    I feel strange, as an atheist, to be talking so much about “faith” and “giving myself over to god”, but that is the fact. God is nature / reality in all its complexity and the only way is to submit humbly to the idea that intellect is not sufficient, and the real issues are psychological.

  • truemuse

    Well I know this isn’t traditional “print media”, however REDDIT is the topography of the topical (and probably why you’re so topical) so …

  • Harrison Bergeron

    Hello Professor Jordan, In light of all you have going on, this is a somewhat minor detail and the point is certainly not to argue against the idea that America has gone, and is still going – completely nuts. I do not refer to Trump, the downward slide has been my own lifetime in the making. However, just an explanatory note on the situation where the gentleman is put out because a Thanksgiving-timed school play does not include god, etc. in spite of the alleged religious freedom our country was founded on. Humans being what they are, the moment a whisper of religion is allowed in our public schools it becomes in too many cases a dominance issue – which religion? which sect? If you display a bible in a “statehouse” then also a Kuran? Satanist credos? All, some, none? We do have mandates that church and state are to be seperated, I don’t understand Canada’s relations to the monarchy or an official religion, and don’t know how we compare in those regards to Canada, but that was the ideal – to maximuze freedom of religion by NOT allowing “the state” to pick one as the winner. You know…like a state chosen Top Chimp. That was actually realistic, well-intentioned, and wise. People feel constrained by it though, and that is IMO valid as well. SJWs did not exist at the time the Framers made the church-state separation decision and the US was far less diverse. The social conversation has morphed dramatically in recent decades, and the protesters of today of all types are light years away from those of our youth. Personally, I think Rosa Parks, Father Groppi, and Medgar Evers would shit bricks if they saw us all now. But, back to the religion in schools ting – as a child I went to a very large very diverse urban elementary school. At first the attempt was made to include all. That was the origin of the maligned “Holiday” (rather than Christmas) Tree in schools. My Jewish friends and my Muslim friend would be having celebrations of their own near the time my own family celebrated Christmas. I had no black friends then, but Kwanzaa was beginning to be experimented with then as a reclamation of culture lost through slavery. Kids in my school were doing that, though I never went to a Kwanzaa myself. When we were 11 we all actually handled it. A few (the baptist kids for some reason) didnt like it, felt persecuted – but most thought it asbsurd for so many non-Christian kids to all stand like idiots and sing about Jesus. So in those years, one firend explained to me the “rules” of Ramadan while sat sat with me at lunch not eating, the other talked about Hanukkah. and it worked for a while. Until parents got pissed off. It was in actual practice, too much freedom. SOMEONE has to be dominant, that’s just the unwritten rule, right? So then schools moved to a time-honored type of child discipline. if you can’t play nice then we’re not doing this activity at all. And all supernatural being were barred from schools. it is hard to explain the tone of the civil rights movement of that era to younger people, The very language has changed organically and of course those you are engaged with want to force that process. I see a vast historical (and very organic) re-write in the beliefs around me. People who were not alive then reflect back to me what happened in my own youth, and it’s not real. It’s like a giant 60s retro-dress-up party where everyone is getting the looks wrong in significant ways, yet taking countless smug selfies and telling each other they’ve nailed it. Hell no. Civil rights activities in the 60s and 70s were vastly different than they are now. This, today, is the purest form of masturbatory bullshit. Earlier on, people were (some of them) sincere, as of course you know. Anyways, that was how and why religion left public schools. The gentleman who wrote the article you link to probably does not want to see an Ojibwe ceremony (we had native child-torture schools here just like in Canada) at the school play, though the story goes that native americans were also present at the first T-gving. He wants HIS own group up on stage, not all of them, or some of them. And BTW, I have begun watching your lecture series, however I disagree with your optimist statement that we CAN learn to play nice together. Curiosity propels me on, I’ll listen to your ideas and hope you change my mind, but I’m bettin’ not. Here in America at least, we are not better off than we were decades ago. Virtually all of our social institutions and certainly the langauge, has been undermined to the point where there is not ground to stand on to even negotiate, it’s quicksand already, and people are not done undermining. Many Thanks for your work – the entire mass of it and certainly your current struggle which is one of the few really authentic interactions I have seen in a long time. And, if you see a huge display of flares shooting into the sky from down south of you, that means I met a young left-leaning activist who wasn’t packed completely full of shit and I’m celebrating. I’ve withdrawn form activisn entirely because it’s such a farce, and older people are shoved aside for the crap you’re dealing with now. The whole idea is – change is hard/impossible. So we’ll set up a manufactured scenario of injustice, then fight those shadows for an hour when the cameras are running and go for a craft beer and post it to Facebook. One more thing, re: the Universtiy. here was have a massive monetization of campuses. it’s very overtly just another business now. A place to provide The College Experience to affluent young people. personally I don’t think your administration gives a flying F. about any of the issues as you are discussing them. it’s simply a situation of the old captialist idea the customer is always right. Don’t argue with people who are giving you piles of money. if the little snots was safe places and Zhees and intersex pees and giving it to them shuts them up and keeps the checks from Mom and Dad coming then by all means call the bastards whatever they want to be called. Provide the environment they demand. This is pure, 100% American, Let The Market Decide stuff. A lot closer to McDonald’s that an institution of higher thought. But that’s how it all is now here. Sorry to be arrogant and tell you about your own life but I dont think you and your administration are even speaking the same language. They care about the money. Not principles at all, of any type, just keeping the customers happy. You’re a server dishing up a product. And if the indulgence and placating doled out at Universities is a poor, or even harmful preparation for life after graduation that is not their problem. Their problem is keeping enrollment up, angry calls down, and illusion levels off the charts. If that means Professor Peterson says Zee hee hee, then he’s gonna goddam say Zhee. American professors are leaving the local (Wisconsin) campuses in droves, but really there’s no “safe space” to go. Just maybe find a place where The Change is going at a slower pace and hope to retire before the transformation is complete. (sorry for the wall of words and typos. As Dyslexic Pride, I’m going to demand everyone misspell all the time or it’s Hate Type.)

  • What a brilliant idea having a chronological order to follow for seeing how the new culture is been battled for, i’m sorry I can only add from the British Isles but in a wider context the fight against ending western freedom has been felt over here to in so many ways it’s hard to put down in an easy way to understand. We did throw out a bill in parliament the other day which was suggesting to provide these safe spaces in bloody Oxford and Cambridge, I for one was appalled I was discussing the politics of it with my mother who was privately educated in south Africa (she is well balanced and cannot be fooled as a result) she now believes me that there is evidence of discord against the most decent cultures on the planet (Thats us SJW Braindeads!) which i’ve been saying for a few years. I’m a little bit disappointed to report that one of our better thinkers Lord Monckton has reported he did a debate in Cambridge of all places and he reported that he was put on a panel with 3 bloody socialists, this would suggest that the socialists are already in charge as we all know they cannot do the math so this unbalanced debate was a mockery in all honesty. I’m seriously thinking of withdrawing my future children from the school ‘system’ and home schooling them at least they will learn the proper tools for life and survival in the physical world! Wow if Cambridge and Oxford have fell I would hate to think what the average school in England looks like now. Especially where I am up north! I could cry, proper education is so understated in this consumerist world we have let get created. I’m just a working class guy from north of England but have always had an unquenshable thirst for knowledge and decency. I can see humanity is capable of so much more with some applied key knowledge! Let us all pray that the Pen still has the necessary social power to defeat the gun before it really doesn’t matter what any of us think and write, let us all take solace in the fact that as long as we do our best at every possible juncture we have every chance of defeating the latest’ test’. An honest man cannot be conned, a dishonest man can be as he seeks to gain advantage but let’s try to restore balance from the positive side of the picture before discord creates the next nightmare part of history. Goodnight Everyone 12pm. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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