Episode 13 – Maps of Meaning 10 – 13

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  • Danny Hasselhoff

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    The Pot

    Johnny wanted to make a pot of jambalaya for his friends. The pot would be full of shrimp and chicken, vegetables – all things that are good. He would use a savory broth from his grandmothers recipe.

    Johnny gathered all of his ingredients and began to put them in the biggest pot that he had. He found that the pot was not big enough to fit everything. He decided to make a larger pot, one that was as big as his living room. Still, it wasn’t big enough.

    Johnny thought and thought and decided on a pot that was as big as his house. He had to climb into it. He felt that this might be closer to what he needed, but he had no way of knowing for sure.

    Finally, Johnny built a pot that was so big that he couldn’t see the edges. He began filling it with all of his ingredients. He worked for days and days and months and months and years and years and the pot began to fill.

    After years of hard work, John had forgotten the reason that he was filling the pot. One thing he did know was that he was surrounded by all things that are good. He was excited to know this, and decided to build a pot so that he could make a soup for his friends.