Episode 14 – A Dialogue with Tom Amarque

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Tom Amarque is a German philosopher, writer, publisher, and podcaster. With his podcast ‘Lateral Conversations’ he seeks out – with the help of a wide range of guests – new developments and perspectives in philosophy, psychology, and spirituality, trying to overcome the pitfalls of what is known as postmodernity. He currently lives in Mallorca, Spain.


  • Slim934

    The portions of the conversation which talk about how post-modernism is intrinsically wrong due to underlying problems with human biology is really interesting.

    Is there any resource available where he just talks and expounds specifically on this topic of the post-modernists, along with perhaps a reading list of folks who sort of synthesized these ideas together. This is all really interesting and I think correct, but I am unaware of any single source (or list of sources) that goes over this systematically. Dr. Peterson does that in some of the side conversation here, but I’m looking for something focused specifically on this topic.

    • Ebert_Terblanche

      Do a Google search for Stephen Hicks, another Canadian philosopher referenced by Dr Peterson. Dr Hicks wrote a book titled ‘Explaining Postmodernism’ which you may find useful.

  • Vitalii Oulanov

    Dear Jordan B Peterson,

    Please give this 54min talk a chance… thank you.

  • mmaaaxx

    This was a fantastic conversation, one of the best yet. Loved how the interviewer let Jordan expound while following everything, and then pushed things further with excellent questions. It’s great to see dr. Peterson’s ideas crystallizing through these conversations…the moments of insight are exciting.

  • Marcus

    How do I download this so I can listen to it on my mobile phone using my preferred player?

  • Phil Lloyd

    I’ve been watching / listening to Dr. Peerson since 2003 after finding his 2002 TVO series…because I was searching for answers in the chaos.
    I was finally interested in life again at 41 years old…had to find answers to questions…dragons…that i’d avoided for many years.
    I was an atheist, but thought I was well-adjusted enough. I never imagined i was arrogant enough pass judgment on the world, but of course I had. I was not resentful of life, understanding the difference between tragedy and evil. I’d seen enough of both though, and over time my view of life had become a cynical one, particularly about my OWN life. I was humble enough to never have much thought about what others should do and just the typical retributive tendency towards those who cause trouble.
    But i was struck down by an accidental contact with a 17-year old Chinese girl, who wanted to learn German in part to be able to read Goethe’s Faust in its native language. I felt some danger as we became friendly and felt things stirring in me.
    I didn’t know anything about Faust and thought it was an infatuation I feared. I thought I’d made a friend of infatuation and knew him well. I was wary and with good intention kept safe distance, only realizing later it was not infatuation I feared but it was catching a glimpse of dragons I’d been running from all my life. So I ran from them again, until I received a recording she made of a few movie lines to test her English.

    Now i open a document I wrote last summer to paste something relevant, but I see I’ve written too much here already.
    I have had the temptation at times over the years to send Dr. Peterson an email explaining the story but then feel he knows the story. But now i realize it’s another dragon I’ve run from and know i need to face, and for the same reasons as in the story itself. It’s been a denial of the lessons that I haven’t already, and something(s) in this podcast made it clear.
    I won’t say “Now i have realized”. Only acting on it will make it real.