Episode 24 – The Psychology of the Flood

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Lecture 6 in my Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories lecture series.
The story of Noah and the Ark is next in the Genesis sequence. This is a more elaborated tale than the initial creation account, or the story of Adam and Eve or Cain and Abel. However, it cannot be understood in its true depth without some investigation into what the motif of the flood means, psychologically, and an analysis of how that motif is informed by the order/chaos dichotomy, as well as by the idea of an involuntary voyage to the underworld or confrontation with the dragon. In consequence, this lecture concentrates almost exclusively on psychology: How is an encounter with the unknown to be understood, conceptually? How and why is that represented with themes such as the underworld voyage, the dragon fight, or the flood?
All that constitutes the theme of lecture VI.


  • FrothFrenzy

    The bit in the Flood talk about his father-in-law taking care of his mother-in-law when she developed Alzheimers, and how the family avoided turning a tragedy into hell was immeasurably important. Death always allows a family to blossom into what it always has been, so if it’s hell that erupts, the hell was always there.

  • KirkFaulkner

    Man, I would love it love it love it if the podcast kept pace with the lectures as they come out on youtube. I’ve been walking around with youtube videos playing on my phone just to listen to them. So much more convenient on the podcast. You guys are doing amazing things! Thanks so much for your efforts 🙂

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