Episode 26 – The Phenomenology of the Divine

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Lecture 8 in my Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories series.

In the next series of stories, the Biblical patriarch Abram (later: Abraham) enters into a covenant with God. The history of Israel proper begins with these stories. Abram heeds the call to adventure, journeys courageously away from his country and family into the foreign and unknown, encounters the disasters of nature and the tyranny of mankind and maintains his relationship with the God who has sent him forth. He becomes in this manner a light in the world, and a father of nations.
How is this all to be understood? I am attempting in this lecture to determine precisely that. How are we, as modern people, to make sense of the idea of the God who reveals himself to a personality? How can we relate the details of the Abramic stories to our own lives, in the current world? In what frame of reference can these stories be seen to make sense, and to reveal their meaning?



  • Christopher Hobby

    Hi Jordan. This is me Christopher this time. I have just discovered that on the 17th August you were tweeted by my homophobic abuser responsible for death of my partner of 37 years, Robert. I am following you on twitter and will send you a screenshot of the proof that he tweeted you. He is a very dangerous narcissistic sociopathic psycopath.

  • Christopher Hobby

    Dear Dr Peterson I think you will find a lot of answers to those questions you posed in the book I have sent you. TREASURE is my modern day HERO’S JOURNEY. I went out on a limb and believed, and then later KNEW that God, or a Divine Force was speaking to me through signs, serendipity and what we call ‘coincidences’ – as well as dreams. I had to be totally politically incorrect and TRUST MY INTUITION 100%. Hope you get the book very soon. It should inspire your undergraduates to believe that the raw material of their lives is sacred, and that we can all be modern-day ‘prophets’ and ‘myth carriers’. The possibilities of the past are just as alive today as they were then. Blessings Karen Williams. See my Youtube videos by Googling TREASURE KAREN WILLIAMS. The latest two are dated June 2017 and July 2017. Sorry Dr Peterson, I seem to be logging in as my friend Christopher Hobby, but it is me. We are currently the two of us dealing with being victims of supertrolls, so his computer is going haywire regularly. Unfortunately the price paid for being one of life’s LIGHTWORKERS. YOU YOURSELF KNOW WHAT THAT IS LIKE with the awful campaign waged against you by a minority of the LGBT policital-correctness ‘police’. Chris follows you on twitter after I shared your awful ordeal with him. This is his latest artistic production – I hope you enjoy.Karen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_oPXfmnUpk

  • Zachary Wilson

    Can we have the name of the song at the beginning and end of the podcast ?