Episode 30 – The Great Sacrifice: Abraham and Isaac

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Lecture 12 in the Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories series

In this, the final lecture of the Summer 2017 12-part series The Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories, we encounter, first, Hagar’s banishment to the desert with Ishmael and then the demand made by God to Abraham for the sacrifice of Isaac.

To sacrifice now is to gain later: perhaps the greatest of human discoveries. What, then, should best be sacrificed? And what might be the greatest gain? There are few eternal questions more profound and difficult.

In this lecture, I read an excerpt from Chapter 7 of my new book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, now available for pre-order at Amazon.ca and Amazon.com.

I am currently making arrangements to continue this series with a monthly lecture. That will start in September at a date and time yet to be announced.



  • Brooke Lea Wood

    This is such amazing insight. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

  • Joe Fischer

    Hello Dr.
    I’m new to your work. I’ve been poking around and looked at some of your suggested readings. I was disappointed to see Rudolf Allers not recommended. His book “Self-Improvement” changed my life. And his book “What’s Wrong With Freud” was a real eye opener. He was a friend and big influence on Viktor Frankl.

  • silkhead

    it’s all allegory folks…jordan is a modern day joseph campbell

  • Teresa AnnElizabeth Shrader

    I was so excited when I went to Amazon thinking (mistakenly!) your book had been released. Oh well, I need to do better with skimming emails anyway and being patient. Can’t wait until January!