Emergency Christmas Gift :)

My new book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos is coming out January 23rd. However, if you know someone who would like one as a Christmas gift, do this:

  1. Order the book at
    1. Amazon.com US
    2. Amazon.ca Canada
    3. Amazon.co.uk United Kingdom
  2. Download and print this gift certificate announcing your purchase: 12_Rules_Christmas_Package. It also contains a one-page letter describing the book, and a 10-page preprint of the book’s introduction. Fold it in three, and place it in a sealed envelope. Presto! Gift!


  • peanut892

    I pre-ordered this on Amazon.co.uk: the company have just cancelled the book as unavailable from any (presumably UK based) supplier. A little touch of chaos before Christmas, eh?

    • Dr. Catherine McCall

      Me too. Just got the email that it is cancelled!

  • Barry Richards

    Will you be doing an Audible edition. If so, will you be narrating it?

  • Muhilan Selvaa

    Both the title and the cover of the book suck, and I am shallow enough not to be interested for that reason.

    • Mark

      Perhaps you are experiencing a bout of seasonal affective disorder; there is beauty and wisdom in simplicity from cover through content, no doubt designed for a pleasant and potentially life changing read. You are not alone; just say yes to life!

    • D. Young

      Thanks for sharing 🙂 the second part of your comment is more interesting than the first.

    • Big Lou

      It’s funny, I’ve said the exact same thing about the covers of my copies of Plato and the Bible, and about a hundred other books in my library, save my paperback copy of Machiavelli, there’s actually a funny cartoon of The Prince. Oh well, I tried being as shallow as you Muhilan, but I just can’t seem to get there.