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The Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories

12-Part Spring/Summer Lecture series by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson


  • Isabel Bader Theatre: Victoria University, 93 Charles St W, Toronto, ON M5S 2C7

TTC Subway:

  • The theater is just east of the Museum Subway station.


  • Parking meters along Charles Street West
  • Charles Street West & St. Thomas Street
  • Bloor Street (in between St. Thomas and University)
  • Charles Street West and Bay Street

Student Discount: 50% off. Must show valid Student ID at the door to be allowed in. Enter discount code: studentdiscount

Season Ticket: 10 Lectures – 282.5$ (25$ per lecture + 13% GST):

The Bible is a series of books written, edited and assembled over thousands of years. It contains the most influential stories of mankind. Knowledge of those stories is essential to a deep understanding of Western culture, which is in turn vital to proper psychological health (as human beings are cultural animals) and societal stability. These stories are neither history, as we commonly conceive it, nor empirical science. Instead, they are investigations into the structure of Being itself and calls to action within that Being. They have deep psychological significance. This lecture series, starting with the very first book, will constitute an analysis of that significance.

Pricing: Although I had originally estimated 16.95 per lecture, I couldn’t get a low cost university lecture hall, and had to rent and staff a comparatively expensive high-end theatre (although I chose the least costly of the available options).

The disadvantage is the higher cost. But it will be more comfortable and welcoming, with better display and acoustics.

18:45-19:00 Doors open

19:30 Lecture begins

21:30 Lecture ends/Question period begins

22:00 Question period ends

Single Lecture Tickets, Dates & Topics

DatePurchase TicketTopic (Note: Tentative)
May 16Listen on Podcast Introduction to the Idea of God
May 23Sold OutGenesis: Adam & Eve
May 30Genesis: Cain & Abel/The Flood & The Tower
June 13Genesis: Part 4: Abraham
June 20Genesis: Part 5: Abraham
June 27Exodus: The Birth of Moses
July 04Exodus: Moses, continued
July 18TBA
July 25TBA
Aug 01TBA
Aug 08TBA
Aug 15TBA