Notes on my Kavanaugh Tweet


This week (October 5, 2018), I responded to a Twitter thread consisting of a conversation between Bret Weinstein, the American biologist and evolutionary theorist who was once (before the controversy) a professor at Evergreen College, and his brother Eric Weinstein, Managing Director at Thiel Capital, and the man who coined

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Durham City Council Purchases Unearned Virtue with the Currency of Denouncement


A few days ago (July 6, 2018) Mayor Pro Tempore Jillian Johnson and her colleagues on the Durham city council saw fit to release a statement on FaceBook concerning my upcoming 12 Rules for Life Tour appearance September 10 at the Performing Arts Center in their city. These are the

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Kwakwaka’wakw controversy


Last week, Pankaj Mishra @nybooks offered his opinions about my life and my work in the New York Review of Books. He also touched upon my affiliation with Kwakwaka'wakw artist Charles Joseph ( Other journalists have since jumped on the bandwagon, so I thought I

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My New Year’s Letter to the World


Dear World: On January 16, I am going to talk with Sam Harris, on his podcast, Waking Up with Sam Harris. Dr. Harris is one of the so-called New Atheists, of which there are four. Like the other three Christopher Hitchens, Dan Dennett and Richard Dawkins – who, by the

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Print Media Surrounding Anti-PC Dialogue


A List of Related Print Media Coverage Linked Title Source Date Widdowson: Universities are letting free speech crumble – and they shouldn't Ottawa Citizen 25 Nov Examples abound of common sense in Canada and idiocy in America The Observer 25 Nov Christie Blatchford: UBC prof who denounced U

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Bill C-16 Discussed in Senate by Hon. Donald Neil Plett


Hon. Donald Neil Plett: Colleagues, last week Bill C-16, gender identity and gender expression, passed third reading in the other place without a recorded vote. This came on the heels of the Justice Committee refusing to hear from witnesses on this legislation. That's right, colleagues, no public hearings. We

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U of T Debate on Bill C-16 and Human Rights Legislation


Here is the debate held Nov 19 at 9:30 am at the University of Toronto on Free Speech, Political Correctness and Bill C-16. Participants included Dean David Cameron, who introduced the debate. Mayo Moran, a law professor, who moderated it, psychology Professor Jordan B Peterson, speaking out against the

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An Update on PC Debate


I have been negotiating the terms of a proposed debate/discussion about political correctness with the University of Toronto administration. However, they are concerned about the legality of my recent rejection of legislatively-imposed politically correct language, and the potential entanglement of the university. As my employer, the university is, under

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