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To contact Dr. Peterson as a viewer, listener or supporter, please click “Contact Dr. Peterson” button and fill out the form. This is the best way to contact Dr. Peterson unless you have an email that fits into one of the smaller categories below.

Specialized Requests

(Please choose carefully, as Dr. Peterson receives hundreds of emails a day, and these categories allow him to keep up with his correspondence)

To contact Dr. Peterson about a TV, radio or print media interview or appearance please click this button for the relevant contact form.

Dr Peterson has appeared on many influential YouTube channels & podcasts, including the Joe Rogan Experience and The Rubin Report. To submit a YouTube channel or podcast invitation, please click this button for the relevant form.

For speaking engagements, Dr. Peterson is represented by Speakers’ Spotlight, and contacting them directly is recommended.  Alternatively, please click this button for the relevant contact form.

Dr. Peterson is on hiatus from his clinical practice for the foreseeable future.

Most career-oriented people do not schedule regular time to break away from their continual daily fire-fighting and consider their jobs and their lives over the medium to long term. Dr. Peterson helps them do exactly that.  Dr. Peterson has spent 15 years working with senior partners in Toronto law firms, managers, executives and consultants. He serves as an unbiased sounding board for people in positions of heavy responsibility, helping them improve their productivity, balance their working and private lives, manage their employees, and chart their future courses. If you would like to contact Dr. Peterson regarding his consulting services,  please click this button for the relevant form.

Dr. Peterson has developed online tools to help employers with (1) hiring, placement and promotion and (2) staff motivation and development (see, for example, If you are interested in using these tools, or finding out more about them, please click this button for the relevant form.

If you have a business or other organizational proposal or proposition for Dr. Peterson, please click this button for the relevant form. This includes queries related to, particularly from educational, non-profit or other non-business/corporate organizations). If your inquiry specifically concerns psychometric testing for employment hiring, placement or promotion or employee motivation and development, or use of the system in a corporate or business setting, please use the Employee Testing & Development form, immediately above.

If the matter about which you are contacting Dr. Peterson does not fit into any of the categories, above, then please use this form.